Which DNS Hosting solution?

Hi to everyone,

I was doing some research to move to DNS hosting solution for our DNS nameservers.
1 Question: Is it worth to move to the DNS hosting service with your existing nameservers? If not why?
2 Question Which service would be worth to try or to use? (I am talking about those like easydns.com etc)
3 Question what solution have you made to your nameservers for stability and 100% uptime guarantees?

Thank you

Hey. Are you web hosting provider and what hardware do you have?
I’m just trying to understand why do you need that.

Yes I am web hosting provider. We use DELL 2950III EnergySmarts 2U servers for shared hosting also we have launched our Cloud system in Germany. Our service is covered (colocated servers) in UK, NL, DE, LT, SG. Currently we use our DC DNS service, but we want to have global nameservers, so that our clients would have like:

So if they will decide to move from UK to DE they do not need to change the nameservers. Hope this will explains a lot…Thank you!

In all honesty the best solution would be to have a couple VPS’s strategically located - running cPanel DNS version.

Sites likes easydns.com don’t have an API and such that allows any new domains to automatically use the DNS names you have with them.

So using a service such as this - you would have to go in, and manually add any domains, sub-domains, addon domains and the likes in order for any clients to use them.
The above adds time and money.

A decent VPS will cost you about $10 - $30 a month depending on your needs.
cPanel DNS only version, is free, and very simple to install and setup.
It also integrates using remote access keys set up, and thus using this, any accounts added with WHM, any sub-domains added, so on so forth, automatically get mirrored on the DNS box.

However if you don’t use cPanel, well the only viable option would probably be easydns or something similar to that.

As for whether they move, etc, DNS boxes can be linked, so if you have multiple DNS boxes, they can all be linked with your web servers, and vice versa.

Bandwidth usage on DNS boxes are very minimal, I haven’t seen my DNS server use more than 50GB.

Hope this helped somewhat.

1 - Yes, it is worth it for redundancy purposes. Always look for someone who uses AnyCast.
2 - I would recommend trying DNSMadeEasy