Essentially looking to create a nameserver

I’m having trouble researching this issue as I’m getting a lot of info on setting your nameservers through godaddy and that type of thing.

I’m looking at bringing in several websites / services in locally and I have 2 external ips available for use. I’m assuming I’d want to use bind on linux boxes to point the external addresses to internal ones. I’m looking for an article to help me get over the goal line with how this ties in with routers etc. Would these two bind boxes essentially become my routers / gateways?

On the router, you would have port 80 and/or 443 forwarded for each external IP address to the internal IP address for each service. Each server would then be bound to their private IP address within apache.

That’s pretty much the simplest way to do things without needing NAT or multiple bindings.

Also, if you’re hosting webservers on your LAN, it’s a good idea to host them on a separate VLAN (or DMZ) in order to protect the rest of your internal network in case there is a breach on the server(s).

Ok, let me see what I can do to help. In Godaddy, the nameserver fields are the fields where you tell the domain which nameservers are responsible for your domain. You need to point those to something.

You’ve got some options. Do you really want to run your own DNS? You could let Godaddy host the DNS for you. Then, add an A record to point your domain to your web server.

Bind is a great option. Are you using cPanel at all? One potential option for you, is use cPanel DNS Only. I run a 3 server DNS only cluster. Then, I have my hosting servers pointing to it. It’s an efficient, geographically separated, fault tolerant DNS platform.

Let me know your thoughts, and I can help guide you further.