DNS question

Is a simple DNS zone editor the same thing as changing a sites DNS server? I have a new client and he has no idea who he brought the domain from. I did a whois and found out. I called them, they have no record of it. I have the hosting cpanel info and all I see in there is some DNS zone editor with all this CNAME and A name mess. I don’t know what that is.(:

oops I see there is a domain name forum…can someone move this over there.

Hi naynay99. I’ve moved this to the domain names forum.

Seems weird the domain host would deny knowledge of the domain if it’s hosted with them. Are you sure you spoke with the right people?

Yes. I will try them again though. Thanks. Because I contacted lunarpages and hostgator and they both said it’s registered with wild west domains.

visit viewwhois.com or whois.net look for domain information you will find the domain registrar and when you find the domain registrar simply telephone them.

Thanks, I did that and called the company I thought it was. They said no. I called back and got someone else and that person found it. go figure. Just got bad information from the first person I spoke with.