Show us your egg-colouring!

Around this time of year, many people follow a tradition of painting or colouring (dyeing) eggs. Some do this for the Easter festival while others do it for the spring, as a fun pasttime. Some people have already had Easter this year while others will have it this coming Sunday.

While making some drawings for kids involving coloured eggs, I ran into Pysanky, and was wowed by the intricacy of the designs. Of course, I had to incorporate some of that into my drawings. I don’t paint eggs; I don’t have the eggs or the food colouring or the paint. But I expect there are many on the forums who do!

So, show us your egg painting (take photos)! Some people dye eggs with hot water and food colouring, while others actually use paint and wax. Is there some special tradition in your country or in your family regarding egg painting? Any special foods eaten at the same time (for example, I learned of a Finnish treat called mämmi which was interesting). I thought it would be cool to see all the different things people do with their eggs. Some of you may have already made eggs while others plan on doing it later this week. If you’ve got egg designs but no eggs, you can also show us your egg designs done in something like Photoshop, or drawn and scanned in. Whatever works.

You can post links to online image hosters, or use [img] tags (but then please keep the filesize low and the dimensions somewhere around < 500px wide), or post as an attachment, which shows a thumbnail.

Some pysanky:

Ok Stomme, as mentioned I have mine done :lol:

Whether or not they are up to the quality of the ones above is totally out of the question but it’s good fun :smiley: Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with :spf:

My Easter Eggies! (please note these are not real) :shifty:

Wow, that looks rather like a greeting card!

In Romania, people used to dye eggs with natural plants: nettle for green, beet for red etc. This is what I remember about colors. :slight_smile:

However, those pysanky look gorgeous!

lol Stomme, I guess it does :lol: I did have just a plain background and just the eggs, but it needed a bit of livening up :shifty:

nice postcard Hazel :stuck_out_tongue:

I will paint some REAL :shifty: eggs later, as I will make egg, bacon and baked beans for supper, while watching an old whestern with Bud Spencer & Terence Hill :smiley:

but first i make some taco :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: let’s see some more eggies people!


I love your little bunnies, by the way.

I’m not sure how to dye eggs, but I’ll see what I can come up with.


^just google it, easter eggs, and you’ll find more than you can image :lol: let’s egg !

This took me hours to do. Now I don’t want to eat it.

:lol: Sarah that is soooo cute! Makes me laugh lol :tup:

Happy Easter!!!

:smiley: :slight_smile:

they are sweeeeet Jeeps! Cool :tup:

Funny how we chose the same colouring! :lol: I kept thinking of those mini chocolate eggs when I was doing mine :lol:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Is there any special reason to paint boiled eggs?

Should be fine if I did the shells of regular, uncooked ones, right?

hmm, I guess we’ll see.


yeah Shaun, as long as you don’t squish them by mistake :lol:

The hard-boiled eggs are less likely to break that’s all - well atleast that was my reasoning :shifty:

Looking forward to your post :tup:

Thanks for your comment mizzy. :)I really searched a lots for the eggs and finally liked it that one. So i guess our liking of color is pretty similar isnt it?:stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Easter this Sunday!

Happy Easter to all of you, tomorrow I shall paint some eggs too, you’ve turned me on. :smiley:

I tried, I swear I tried… but it broke… :frowning:

I also tried a digital one but Photoshop crashed when I was almost finished. Of course, I didn’t save the file so all my job is lost… how typical! :lol:

I may try a bit later when I get over the disappointment :smiley:

Happy Easter :smiley:

Oh, you got his by one of these? : )