Easter is coming

By the way, who celebrates Easter here? What are your plans on this year? Me and my family are planning to go to the beach. Yours?

Happy Easter to all! This is my last day for this week! See you next week!

We celebrate Easter here in NZ. We usually go away but this year we’re going to hang out at home and take it easy. I’m planning on binging on both hot cross buns and chocolate.

celebrating it here in Norway too. we will go away one or two days, but most of it will be spend skiing in the mountains on Senja, with a sack filled of hot chocolate, oranges, chocolate, sausages & hot dogs :smiley:

We celebreate Easter in Germany.

I don’t as I don’t have any kids yet and am Agnostic to boot.

Oh, but I usually watch plenty of Christianity related documentaries during the Easter holidays, so I’m not completely ignorant of my own religious roots.

We don’t do Eastern Eggs and things like that but it is important in Spain, very religious.

I will not go anywhere but plenty of people go to the beach to relax a bit.

Easter is celebrated in the UK

I have three kids and I’m an atheist to boot.

I don’t watch any christianity related documentaries during the easter holidays but I’m not ignorant of religious roots.

My kids love easter eggs but easter isn’t very important in the UK, not very religious.

Nobody goes to the beach, they’d freeze to death.

I’m just going to enjoy a lie in, a leisurely breakfast and reading a book, hopefully in the sunshine.

:lol: JJ - firstly, they would have to fight their way through the blizzards before they can get to the icy waters!

Ireland is pretty much the same as England, it’s all about the Easter Eggs really, some do go all religious but that’s just the minority nowadays - for me it’s just usually associated with Chocolate Easter Eggs, we did paint eggs in school aswell as per Stomme’s Easter Egg thread :tup:

Ooooh Mizwizzy! that was blant promotion of Stomme’s thread… I should infract you :stuck_out_tongue:

Although it is related to topic :scratch: :lol:

Should I be the one to point out that Easter (like many religious holidays) isn’t technically Christian (if you’re going by it’s “roots”). It originated as a pagan holiday that got adopted by other faiths to ensure those who believed in other stuff could get into the celebratory mood and everyone could get on well together. Not that I’m much of an Easter fan - Being lactose intolerant, the thought of all that chocolate I can’t eat makes me bitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Amen to that JJMcClure, and most of our beaches aren’t even that sandy, down my way it’s nothing but “stony” shorelines. :slight_smile:

that’s funny, i’m headed for the beach today, and it promises to be 26C

yes, the beach is in toronto canada