Show us your egg-colouring!

Stomme, where’s ur eggies!?

Molona, get back in there and show us some works of art! :smiley:

Look forward to it webcreation :tup: Happy easter to you too bakers :slight_smile:

Jeeps - I thought those were your own creations! :eek2:

Actually Sunday I will post my kitty-ball… and I’ve made a bunny as well!

Now you’re really spoiling us Stomme :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see them! :smiley:

Bah, just drawings:

Wow, they are really cool and fun Stomme :stuck_out_tongue: - poor lil birdie in the middle one :shifty:

It wasn’t the intention but it looks like a blue egg is chasing the bunny : )

That image will eventually be changed to have another character chasing him.

some REAL easter eggs folks. these would make even Picasso envious :smiley:

Painted with REAL watercolor, using oil painting brushes… :smiley:

Be amazed people. this is why I’m the KING :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: :lol: crazy they are cool, is that supposed to be shaun on there? :lol: I see stome also :rofl:

they are really cool :smiley:

@Stomme - yeah i thought that too, cause he sorta looks a bit happy about it aswell :lol:

Saul, Shaun, Molona, Mizwizzy, Hawk, Stomme, easter bunny… they are all there :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t claim to have painted these myself, but I do love the sense of humor involved.



I set out to use spray paint and clever masking to decorate some eggs for you guys.

Sadly when I opened my cabinet, I found no paint. But I did find a tin of black wood-stain though, so I figured why not ? :smiley:

The results were fun, very messy, and little else. hahahahaha[/FONT]

FONT="Georgia"When the shops are open again on Tuesday I’ll get some actual paint…


[FONT=“Georgia”]Awe man! That’s so cool!

I’m saving the ones of me :tup:


:lol: crazy, and where are you? that was a sweet idea though! :smiley: how caring! everybody…“awww” :spf:

@Shaun, you’re such a messer but they do look good for wood stain :lol: I like the sheen!

Oooh, Karl, can you ship that one with my THPBB! poes on it?? So cute.

@theSandi, LAWLZ!

Really masterly eggs ! Wow !

:tup: :smoke:

I’m right here. can’t you see me? :wave:

of course it’s a sweet idea, it came from me - right? :eyebrow: :smiley:

who is this Karl, and what is THPBB?? :scratch:


thbp, you never read Calvin and Hobbes? (in the netherlands it’s Casper and Hobbes, for some reason)

THBP is the sound one makes when sticking out the tongue and blowing. THBBBBPPP!

yeah but you never made an egg of yourself crazy :rolleyes: :confused2