Should my blog we part of the website or separate domain

I have a dating service. For marketing purposes I am adding a blog which will give advice to single men and women. My question is should I host the blog on my domain or create a separate domain for the blog (throw a banner ad/link of the dating service on it)?

My initial thought is to host the blog on the same domain. I figured that will help with SEO and make it easier for people to find the service. Plus when people find the blog they will automatically know it belongs to a dating service.

My thought for possibly going to a separate domain is that it can become larger if the blog sits on its own. I intend on posting one article a day to keep the content fresh. If people see that this blog has its own name it may help create a more loyal and large fan base.

I know some dating services include their blogs with their domain, and others have transferred their blog to a separate domain after it became popular such as howaboutwe moved theirs. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

I read on this for weeks before I obsessively choose. I choose to host it on the original domain as it’s ultimately much better for seo. Basically if the content and subject of the blog is is the same then host in the same domain. If it’s complementary to the site then host in the main domain. However if the content is differnent then you may consider a new domain as it could dilute your keyword focus of the original domain.

I would suggest you to go with same domain instead of separate domain. It is beneficial from seo point of view too. your website will have fresh content every time which help your site to get crawl often. eventually it will help you to rank better for targeted keywords.

I have to disagree with both the above replies. The fact is that, from an SEO point of view, it won’t make that much difference. Remember: Google indexes pages, not sites. If your blog has particularly fresh and interesting content, then the blog pages will rank highly (all other things being equal). But that doesn’t automatically mean that other parts of the same site will rank highly. Furthermore, it won’t make much difference from the point of view of link juice. Google is clever enough to recognise a blog that relates to a specific site even if its URL is different.

That said, the decision will make a difference from the point of view of the user’s perception, and in particular of the branding of your service. Making the blog part of your main site will tend to beneficial from that point of view. If it was a separate site with a different URL, that could possibly confuse some users. But, even then, it won’t make that big a difference.