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Is it better to keep my blog separate from my website?

Better for what? What kind of website is it? What kind of blog? Are they related? Are they separate now? Or are you just thinking of starting a blog?

Please provide some relevant details. You can’t expect to get any meaningful replies if you don’t take the time to explain your circumstances and the reason for your question.

May be you are trying to say that whether to go for abc.com/blog or blog.abc.com right? if i am right then i would personally go with domain name means abc.com/blog, you can use second option too but i think first option will give more leverage when its come to seo. correct me if i am wrong.


If you have a business website I think it didn’t needed to be separated. Since blog can help reaching your customers and provide an interaction with them. Blogs can help your customers gain information about business stuff and your nature of expertise. It will also help you to show your expertise and gain feedback and some additional knowledge from your customers. But if your blog had nothing to do with your business, then you can separate it. Make a blog for your personal stuff. I’m sorry the question is so vague, so in general this would be my answer.

I am agree, using subdomain will make Google treat as different domain and we have to marketing it separately but when using sub folder like abc.com/blog your blog will indexed as part of the domain and that is good for both your website and blog you still need promoting your website but much easier than the subdomain, although it has some goodness too.

@WEBYARL ; every situation is different. For some people/businesses, it would be better to separate the two, and for some, it would be better to combine them. It is best to examine your own market and take into consideration what the people visiting your website are going to be thinking about while they are using your website. The same goes for every aspect of social media.

For instance, I work with a jewelry store, so we are active on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are the least active on Twitter, because our customers would prefer to interact with us through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. We are going to be releasing our new website in the next few weeks, and our blog is going to be a part of our website because I think that will bring in people who are interested in learning about cool jewelry related topics.

there are many variables to consider. Can you be more specific about what you are doing and what your goal is with the blog? There are 3 major ways you could do it and they all have advantages and disadvantages.

Thread closed, as the OP has never returned and the question is unclear.