Setting up local network to access Apache server

I have a wireless network at home that is made of two computers. Both of the computers have Apache2 installed on them, however, I would like to stop running one instance of Apache on my desktop and just access the server and files from my laptop (where I normally do my work).

So, my question is, within my local network - what do I need to do to set up my desktop machine to be able to access/run the files saved on my laptop machine?

From my desktop can I still just go to localhost/whatever to access the files - or do I need to enter my laptops IP address? Is there anything I need to do within my router to allow traffic to flow from both machines?

Thanks for any help/pointers.

Yes, you’d need the IP of your laptop for that, and make sure the laptop will allow the connection from the desktop through the firewall (if it’s running any).
You don’t need to setup anything in your router to do this; it should work with the default settings.