Sharing xampp server across network

Not sure what forum to start this thread, so please excuse me if it is in the wrong place.

I have successfully installed xampp and have been using it to develop wordpress themes locally on my desktop computer.

How do I setup xampp server so that I can access it from different computers on the same network?

I want to access the server from two separate laptops so I don’t have to sit at my desktop all day to work on these themes! I’ve installed xampp on every computer to work on the same project. There must be a better way. Thanks.

This should require a simple change in the httpd.conf file

Old Line: Listen
New Line: Listen *:80

So doing this should allow me to access the wordpress site from web browser on other computers on the same network, correct?

What about editing the actual files stored on desktop’s local server from the other computers? How do you suggest I go about doing this?

I appreciate the timely response!

I realize this is an old thread, but for the benifit of anyone now arriving here, httpd.conf is an empty file under apache2, just remains for backward compatability with apache. Under apache2 the file to find that Listen directive in and change it is ports.conf