Access IIS (NOT Apache) web server on home network

I have setup apache on a windows server 2008 machine. I can get to it by typing http://localhost on that same machine but if I try to access apache from another computer with its IP address I get the page not found. How can I set up apache to access it from another machine?

I found what I was looking for at,

That article says:


DocumentRoot “C:\ est”
ServerName test.local

You might want to use the IP of the network card that connects to your LAN instead of
I’m not sure if other users are able to connect to your apache using
Using your network IP they certainly can.
And don’t forget to setup Apache to listen to the IP of your network card.

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That’s a start, however, that will NOT do it for ov.

Is the computer you want to access from in the same LAN or is it WAN?

The “secret” is in setting up a DNS to access the server. If you’re out on the big, bad WAN of the Internet, you’ll have your DNS setup through a registrar and all’s well that ends …

Well, if LAN, you’ll need to either setup a DNS on your LAN OR let the requesting computer know the IP address of the host (via hosts file) and the localhost will have to add it’s own IP address for the localhost in its hosts file AND in its httpd-vhosts.conf file. Yes, it does get messy!



Have you turned off the firewall?