SERPs not showing all post

Hello friends, i am not getting all of my post details in google!Even all post already index. When i search my blog with(“”) its show only four post!! can anyone tell me in details why its happen??

How can you be sure that your posts are indexed? If search result is not showing any of your posts, It means those posts are not indexed yet.

As I mentioned in your other thread, you can use site:yourdomain to check which pages Google has indexed. Searching for “” will bring up entries where the quoted text appears. i.e. places where your site is mentioned, not results from your site itself. So unless you think that large numbers of your potential visitors are going to be searching for “”, you’re worrying about nothing.

Please see the attach picture

It could be a duplicant content issue… you copied your content from anyones website?

I’m sorry - I don’t quite understand your issue there.

Did you read my reply above regarding your original question?

It seems that your posts are not indexed.

Here i search and found 147 result, its mean google index all of this?? please see

So, you can see 147 search results by using your domain name into the search box. I think your problem is solved now.