Blog post did not show up in Google Search Engine


I was testing to see if my blog posts showed up in Google Search Engine by inputting the exact blog post title and some how it didn’t show up in Google. However, the exact post title showed up under another post 's description. Anyone know how or where I should check?

check with the site command
for example
your title

note that it might take weeks to get the page indexed depending on how you market it.

As webcosmo has mentioned using the ‘’ is the quickest and easiest way to check your Google indextation. If the blog posts you a referring to are from the site in your signature your latest 2 posts both appear in Google.

Really? I post the latest post exact title in google and I don’t see it. I did the ' as well and i don’t see my latests blog posts.

I just looked for your latest post about Pepsi Next and was able to find it by searching google for: “site:”, I also found it by searching “The World of Beverage Drink pepsi next”