My Blog posts Indexed but Not Shown Google Searches Please help me

hi my website My site posts indexed but some times posts not shown google searches ple help me how to solve these problem

How many results did you look at before you concluded they aren’t there?

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now write a article ntse anwer key 2016 topic it will be indexed but not searches

How do you know it’s not in the results?

How deep did you go looking for it?

Given the number of members I’ve seen posting here about sites in the same niche as yours, I imagine you are facing very high competition. As @Mittineague says, your article may well appear in search results, but a long way down the list.

The pages returned at the top of the search results are those which Google determines most closely match the search query. The only way to rank above the competition is to be better than the competition; ensure your content is higher-quality.

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Has been Indexed then it must show. Now it depends on query and competition. If your article is better, it is readable and informative, it will sure show in Google with relevant query.

I just chose a post at randon, typed in the first five words and google has it there, in 5th place on page one.
eg dr ntruhs mbbs results 2016

For a post with a date of 29th January, it’s pretty impressive that it shows up already. Even simplifying the search to just dr ntruhs mbbs still brought it up.
I don’t know why you find this a problem.

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