SEO Reseller Programs?

As a web designer I obviously build websites, but as i’m sure you’ll all know, when i ask a client what they want from the website the usual anwser is…

‘I want to be on the first page of google’

I always try my best to explain that building a website and getting on the 1st page of google isn’t the same thing and that SEO isn’t my speciality but that having a well built website is a good starting point etc.

I don’t really get involved in ongoing SEO beyond building the site, its not my speciality although i have a basic understanding, but i started to wonder if there are any ‘reseller SEO services’ i could begin to sell to my clients?.. along the same lines that I resell webhosting?

Do these type of services exist? I’m not really thinking along the lines of partnering with a one-off SEO company or an off shore entity that we all get hundreds of spam emails from.

I want something i can resell on to my clients (who most likely only have a smallish budget!) but that is reputable and effective… i don’t want to end up in position of creating problems for myself etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions or good / bad experiences they’d like to share?

I’m based in the UK also if it makes any difference.


I know this thread is old, but it was in amazing need of a response since nobody posted an accurate answer.

This totally exists… There are many flavors. The worst, as you point out, are the firms (usually off-shore) that use email spam tactics and low-level directories… In my book, this is not really SEO (at least not good seo).

There are, however, fantastic SEO reseller organizations here in the US that are accountable to results. These firms are full-service and will really work with you and the site on the on-going activities you are talking about. They offer white label SEO / private label SEO in many cases (although not all)…

DISCLOSURE: I know this because I am at one of these firms. But aside from us, there are many others… We always talk about the importance of technology tools, such as API integration with the major engines, SEOMoz, etc.

But in short - SEO reseller programs total exist and havebeen around for a few years.

I do not think that is possible to find so called SEO reseller, but I assume that would be possible to find affiliate program which would be the best option for you. And that is something what SEO firm will be able to provide for you.

You have done a great job…These are some benefits of seo reseller 1.Good Amount of Profit margin.2.No Infrastructure cost.3.No Employment worries.4.Better Staff augmentation.5.More Return on Investment.


Just to add, perhaps its not directly SEO reselling that i’m after but online marketing solutions which i can resell…?

well if I was you I would team up with a SEO guy and make some extra change

I work for a SEO firm so I have some knowledge that is helpful for you.

Well look for LOCAL SEO companies. SEO is definitely something where you want to work with someone well trusted. Look for results when dealing with SEO firms or experts, let them promise you a certain page rank for certain keywords. Remember every site has a limit in potential to how well they can do in rankings, if they don’t have the content for it, the best you can do is maybe 1st page of google for a non competitive phrase like “Beach chairs in Vancouver for cheap”

Something you can aim for is to be found on your local search results for “Vancouver Homes” on first page. The more competitive the keyword, the more a SEO service would charge.