SEO recommendation

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for a good and trustworthy seo programmer to work on my website.

As an example, my website is similar to a car dealer’s website where I have product listing as well as auction. There’s many type of cars, but ideally when my target audience googles a specific model such as “MERCEDES ABC1234” my website will be on first page since I have “MERCEDES ABC1234” in my product listing or auction.

I’m not in the automotive industry, above is just a simple example of my business model.

I’m relatively new to all these website stuff so I am trying to avoid hiring from freelancer sites as they’ll be throwing me bunch of jargons I don’t understand, hope through the word of mouth and reviews I will be able to find someone reliable here.

Do SEO programmers typically analyze my website and give me an in depth analysis as well as proposal specifically for my site or do they just send a “standard” proposal to everyone? What’s the do and don’ts when hiring a seo programmer.

Any advise or recommendation is greatly appreciated! I can send you my site url via pm.

Thanks for reading!

This forum isn’t for requesting services, so if that’s what you want, head over to the SitePoint Marketplace.

If you are looking to learn about SEO here, have a look at some of the sticky threads in the Internet Marketing forum, such as this one:

I’m not sure I would use “SEO” and “Programmer” in the same phrase, as they are quite different things.

Hi there,

Sorry for posting it at the wrong area, actually I was hoping more for other users to give their personal reviews and recommendation rather than posting this as a job offer thread as I would like to select someone who is referred by a forumer here.

Probably the best thing we can advise here is that you read some of the information here about SEO, as that will give you a better understanding of what is and isn’t good SEO, and then you’ll be in a better position to judge if someone you are hiring is worth their salt or not. It’s not really appropriate for us to recommend specific service providers here (and you are probably better off finding one in your area, too, which we don’t know about), but people here could perhaps help you formulate a set of criteria to look for. First, though, read through some of the sticky threads (like the one I mentioned above) as it will give you a good idea of what SEO does and doesn’t involve. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the advise!

I’ve did plenty of reading as well as googling forum threads on seo recommendation.

What I saw was plenty of people getting burned and ripped off by freelancers/firms who over promise and under deliver or uses illegal methods that boost ranks temporarily.

As a business owner who has limited experience in SEO even after plenty of reading, it’s tough to pick out a qualified and trustworthy candidate.

Which is why I was hoping to get some solid recommendations here or maybe some place where seo freelancers/firms is ranked in an objective manner.

I’m really hoping for someone who could introduce me an seo firm/team that they’ve used in the past and has satisfactory result. I’ve been combing through forums and google but most of them are self advertised rather than recommended by someone else.

Anyone else had engaged in a competent seo team before?