Need Help/Suggestion


I am working on a web hosting site for a company and the site is almost done only 25% designs issues remains.

But the thing is that what are the main factors to make their business running like SEO, SEF, Ads things etc. Actually i am a Linux admin and good in website making and don’t know these things that much. So i need your help and suggestion as how to keep the business running and be among the top ones.

The company is actually a reseller and currently giving Shared Web hosting service.

So any help and suggestion will be really helpful for me. :slight_smile:



You can do ‘‘On Page Optimization’’. You can perform ‘source code optimization’, putting the JS/CSS code in separate files. Search engines do not crawl the JS code. Participate in different social communities related to your business to get back links and brand exposure.

Marketing a new hosting company with a traditional shared hosting offer will be an uphill battle. The quick success stories these days seem to be companies that have the funds to start a high paying affiliate program, getting themselves into and attracting superaffiliates.

As a simple reseller, he’s probably better off going for the local market, shake hands and meet potential customers face to face.

OK, but what other technical work should be done other than marketing. I am not sure but SEO work on the site needs to be done by the coder?



SEO and marketing are yours for sure, unless you hire someone. Tech work such as support could be yours and could not. Different web hosting companies offering reseller accounts with hand on support for your customers and some not. That influence on the price of reseller package somehow.

I am not sure but SEO work on the site needs to be done by the coder?

Partially by the coder (search engine friendly links are something he needs to address when coding the site, if we’re talking about a custom CMS; otherwise most CMSes have this already taken care of, inbuilt or via plugins), partially by the copy writer. Of course, this may mean increased costs in developing the site. If SEO was not part of the deal from the very beginning, renegotiation is not unfair.

A huge part of SEO is link popularity. That isn’t part of the coder’s, nor the copywriter’s job.

SEO involves onsite and offsite optimization and the part of onsite optimization should be done by coder.

By means of offsite optimization is Link Building ?

There are some:

  • directory submission
  • article submission
  • social bookmarking

I believe you will be able to learn more about this within SEO forums here on Sitepoint.

Don’t worry all you have to do is link building i.e., getting quality back links for your website. SEO is very easy and an interesting factor to consider, first optimize your website with relevant keywords and start submitting your site to web hosting directories, bookmarks, blogs, forums… You could get top 100’s list from Also register and get its extra promotional benefits all for FREE!

Do you think that having optimized content for the certain keywords and directory submission is enough for good SEO?