SEO Friendly Website Design

Can anyone give me some good suggestions about a perfect SEO friendly website design. What are the key points of an ideal SEO site design?

The best starting point, in my view, is to start with clean, semantic HTML—that is, good coding practices that clearly define each piece of content in a well ordered way. Then make sure your content is clean, clear and to the point.

Hate to state the obvious, but the Google Webmaster guidelines would be a good place to start.

You need to have well structured headings (that use heading tags), you need to have plenty of text content, and you need to give suitable alt text for images that are part of the content (as opposed to illustrations or decorations). There’s lots of information in the sticky thread at the top of this forum, but essentially SEO isabout getting the content right rather than the visual design. Google doesn’t reaaly care what the site looks like, as long as it makes sense.

The amount of “tricks” you can use to fool Google is rapidly diminishing. With all due respect, if you need to ask this question, you need to study today’s seo because you clearly don’t even know the basics. A good start is getting some of David Amerland’s books.

I’ll also recommend to use tools like for fast on-page SEO check.

As I am always lookinf for additions, I ran one of my pages through this “tool”. All it did, was come up with some pointless, obvious statements like “get more backlinks, facebook likes and google+ clicks”.
I strongly suspect it is an emaill address collector for spamming purposes and offers no useful help whatsoever.

I think be natural and display openly according to web pages and their title tags, description tags and keyword tags which all are called meta tags. It would not good that your webpage contains no any information what you have given in its title tags. Always use short titles of you web page i.e. up to 65 characters long. It would help search engines to search.


Consider the following basic things - Page title, Page url, Meta description tag, Heading tags, internal / external link anchor text, image alt text. finally put unique fresh contents.

[font=verdana]Please can I remind everyone that Michael was asking about an SEO-friendly design, and was not asking for generic tips about SEO.

Any further replies that only talk about generic SEO aspects such as titles and meta tags will be treated as fluff and deleted.[/font]


— The website must not be loaded with javascript, use less javascript.
— Navigation should be user friendly. User may easily move from one page to another.
— Sitemap.xml must be included in the root directory.
— All pages must be linked.
— Every page should be clicked only one or two clicks

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What’s the problem with javascript?

[font=verdana]Two problems – not everyone uses it (and while this became less of a problem a few years back, with the rise of mobile browsers it has come up again), and search engines won’t necessarily look at it either.

There’s no problem with using Javascript to enhance a website, but you mustn’t ever use it for essential functionality. I’ve seen too many websites where things like the main navigation menu simply didn’t exist for anyone without Javascript. If you do that, there’s a big danger that Google won’t see your site navigation, which means it will really struggle to spider and index your site.

You want to make things as easy as you can for Google![/font]

Allot special space for inforgraphics and offer option for download white paper would also be effective as part of designing. You can also design every page as landing page so user and client both will impress with your web page.

SEO friendly website design can make the later work of seo much easier. 1. Search engine friendly: There shall be a templete for the website for HTML and don’t pile up messy html code. Or it is hard for search engine to craw what the website is about. 2. User experience: The site shall be designed user friendly, including the layout, typeset, website color, ngation, etc. Don’t make the website is full of image, Java, Flash and music. Few visitors would wait quite long time to see a website although it might be attracting.


The elements are :
Light code.
Original text.
Text written on keywords, I mean before you build the pages make a research what kind of keywords you want to rank and create the content around them.
Text size should be how long is necessary. I mean don’t write huge articles if they are not necessary or not informational. Boring site will make the visitors to bounce.
Include the keywords in titles
don’t add keywords to the pages. include them only in text.
Include images in the pages.
crawlable link structures
short url structures
insert rich snippets (
canonical versions of content
implement google author

mmm, if i forgot something somebody can complete me:)

I hope this help you.

proper onsite code,image optimized,uses of H1,H2 etc, and most important use of sitemap.xml are the worthy steps for making website seo friendly and to respond to search engine crawls

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