What are the improvements should I do in my website for better SEO?

Hello to all SEO Experts,
I wanted you to review my company website gowebbaby and let me know if I have missed anything.

I am in the way of SEO implementations and just looking for your inputs to make it better & better.

Your any input/suggestion/recommendation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time.


Pretty good design of your website.
URL structure is fine.
No Canonical Issues.
Need to W3C validation for page.
Need to work on home page title meta tag. Length should be maximum 50 to 55 characters.

Thank you so much for review my website and letting me know the important things.

I will improve it soon.

Hi Lauren1,

I think visually it is ok and you are making a good use of images. I did notice typos or spelling and grammatical errors in the web content. You may want to consider asking a native English speaker to go over the content and improve it. The search engine puts a high ranking on the quality of the content, as well as do consumers coming to a site and expecting professional service.

On mobile the site looks a little cluttered and font is quite large. You have to scroll quite a bit to get what you want. You may want to keep track of your mobile search data to see if people are actually converting or not. If not, then a new mobile first approach or strategy would also be good.

Hope that helps.

Ok, got your point. Thanks a lot to spend your precious time in reviewing my website. I will take care of all the points you suggest to me soon.

Bounce Rate of website is really high 68.35% at this point you need to analyze user behavior using analytic tool. Do A/B Testing if it won’t work than might be the keywords from which user coming to your website is not relevant. You need to work on good keywords that not only drag traffic to your website but also generate leads.

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check your site in woorank and you’ll get an extensive report on what you should improve.

Hey you can use infographics and good attractive images and also check out once your website title and meta tags.You may also use site analyser to check out your website.

Can you explain how this helps a site’s seo?

Thanks dear. Will do it in some couple of minutes. :smiley:

Info-graphics and good images work?? i mean is their an technique to insert images with tags and other thing to improve SEO?

Welcome to the forums, @Lauren1.

I’m rather confused here, and think I may be looking at the wrong site. The only site I can find with this name is offering web design and related services, including “High-class SEO Services”. As I can’t imagine a business like that would need to ask for such help from a forum, I think I must be looking at the wrong thing.

To give you some general advice, I would strongly suggest you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”, which will help you learn the basics, and ensure you don’t get any misinformation or bad advice.

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Infographics and images will not help SEO in any way, unless you also provide appropriate alt text for them - which you should be doing, in any case, to make them accessible to visitors using screen readers, or for whom images don’t load (for whatever reason). But search engines look at the content of a site, so while images may have some effect - as they are part of the content - you should certainly concentrate more on the text.

I just want you to review my website. Experts can also make mistakes or forget something… For an example - a chef always like you to taste their food and suggest what to add in the dish. Just like that, i want all seo experts here to review my website once.

Ok thanks

Its near about ok.Means all the necessary things which are use for SEO are there in your website.

Off Topic

OK. And you’re right that anybody can make a mistake - even an expert. But do remember that SitePoint threads are crawled and indexed by search engines. It might not look good to a potential customer if they look for information about your company and find you asking for advice on a forum about the very services you are advertising.

Just a thought to keep in mind.


Ok thanks :smile:

I thought there is still something that is missing. Well, thanks for your time.

Did you do any keyword research?