SEO backlinks question

is it better to have a link from a related site (say my site is for a home improvements company and the link is from another home improvements company) that is a PR0
or an unrelated site (home improvements company getting a link from a travel site) that is a PR3 or PR5?

If you link from your site to another site, you’re not talking about backlinks.

well im using a reciprocal link exchange service so if i link to them, they are linking to me as well.
I suppose i should rephrase the question tho.

so i shall do that now.

rephrased and changed the tag. is that better? can i get an actual answer now?

If Google can’t see any relevance to the link then it is likely to ignore it at best, and treat it as spam at worst … and with reciprocal links, you are complicit so you can’t claim that someone else is linking to you without your knowledge or consent.

That doesn’t mean that links from sites in different fields are automatically worthless (or dangerous), as it’s perfectly possible for the page content and context to make it relevant.

I think in a recent interview with the ex-google spam staff member, he points out that links from the same niche are regarded higher than links from random sites.

I agree with this sentence. The content of the linking website/webpage must be related to your niche. Many SEO companies pay for links that come from websites of the same niche, but what actually matters is the content of the single page linking to you.

You should link your site to a related niche. If your site is a home improvement site then find a site that is related to it.

If you are going to link your site with the unrelated one then its called spamming already.

Better to find balance of two kinds. But i’m assuming that 0PR sites with too low traffic and with no social resonance will give you 0 results as compared with non-relevant 3-5PR sites.

Of course It`s very important that we give backlinks from relevent sites but if the site is high PR, it might work still and give good backlinks


IMO, it depends on the anchor text you’ve used. It should be related to the anchor text. Although, usually the anchor text we use is related to our niche. You can actually link to quality blog posts. Avoid linking to competitor pages.

Relevant sites links(one-way -your way)is a lot more important then any unreleted links,but SE this days are putting a lots of attentions to Social media sites -so do some social bookmarking!Good luck!

After the August Google update, relevancy factor is more important now and it is better to place your link on relevant sites. Participate in only those discussion forums and blog comments where your niche related topics are discussed.

But remember that most forums and blogs mark all external links as ‘nofollow’, so you won’t get any SEO benefits from having links on those sites.

Links from unrelated sites are worth little or nothing, regardless of pr of the other site.
Reciprocal links are worth very little.
Links are nowhere near as important as they used to be any way. Their importance went significantly down with Panda and even more so with Penguin.

PR is the important. always try to get links from up to PR2 websites. this will give good traffic to your blog. don’t think about unrelated sites.

It’s more important to consider your backlinks as a marketing opportunity, not just to increase Page Rank. Focus on building links with relevant sites, in relevant context, because ideally you’d like to get more targeted brand exposure in addition to a higher PR. Right?

so are you saying that backlinks are not as imoprtant as they used to be?

or an unrelated site … that is a PR3 or PR5?

Relevancy is a major factor of backlink quality.

As for PR, you should consider the PR of the page offering your backlink and the total amount of links on that page.

Backlinks that are easy to get are not as important as they used to be. Google doesn’t want you to be going round dropping links to your site like confetti all over the web, it wants to know how many other people think your site is worth linking to.

In a nutshell, build links naturally. Write content that will get shared (or liked, or tweeted.) Guest blog, article marketing, etc. Don’t go to Fiverr and pay somebody to spam the web with backlinks. Authority and relevancy do help with SEO but the value element is important for more than Page Rank.