Is getting link from irrelevant site harmful?

If i get most of my backlinks from irrelevant dofollow blogs/forums is Google going to penalize me.I find it difficult to get many dofollow blogs/forums in my niche so I’m trying to get backlinks from other high Pr blogs from other niches.
Is it fine.I heard somewhere that 80% of the backlinks should be relevant and only 20% can come from irrelevant sites, otherwise it will do more harm than good.

If that were true then by posting loads of irrelevant links to a competitor’s site you’d be able to get them penalised.

You are right.But is it helpful for the link building campaign.

But not much in terms of SEO, you’ll have a nice number of backlinks but they won’t do you much good.

OK take it this way.
If I’m getting link from Gamespot Forum,which is a dofollow forum with a PR of 7
for my Health Site for my targeted anchor text “Fundamental of Clinical Trials” is it going to help.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Gamespot forum probably has next to nothing to do with a health information website. If that’s the case- while the link may be coming from a high PR page, it’s not relevant and won’t help you much, if at all, in terms of SEO.

You mean its not going to help me in SERP for this keyword “Fundamental of Clinical Trials”


I can’t say with certainty whether it will or won’t. What I can tell you is that if the two websites aren’t relevant to each other, regardless of the anchor text, it’s going to be less useful than if the websites did share a common theme.

You’re best bet is to look for links on websites that offer similar or complimentary services.

  1. Can you show me a url for a forum page that has a PR of 7? Not a forum page on a site where the homepage is PR 7 but the actual forum page.

  2. If it exists, you’re probably looking at 200-300 outbound links on the page.

  3. It’s off-topic, so it won’t give you a big boost although having your exact anchor text in the link is always nice.

The goal of the search engines is to display the pages containing what people are looking for at the top of the results.

The best way of working out the value of a link is therefore to consider how likely it is that real people will decide to follow it. While search engines may not be currently valuing the link exactly that way that is their goal and so by looking at it that way you are working out the long term value of the link rather than any short term benefit that may be obtained due to the search engine algorithm not yet being perfect.

Having backlinks from the niche is well and good. However, if you get links from irrelevant site then that does not harm your site. However they are also not as useful as niche-specific links…

relevant link is better, but it is not the most important fctor.

From my won experience, i know for sure that they are not harmful but rather helpful to the link building campaign. I only worry about getting relevant link only when I know that my competitors have that same link, so i try to get it to beat them. Pretty good trick

relevant link is better, but it is not the most important fctor.

I see. So what is the most important factor?

Search engines will never penalize for an inbound link from a bad site as theoretically you can’t control these inbound links. You just won’t see any benefit from inbound links from bad sites.

Great summary! I wish the other commenter would take note :wink:

Are you seriously asking whether irrelevant spam on a gaming forum would actually help your efforts?

Backlinks from irrelevant site will not harm you directly but it can make a problem for bots to configure your niche. Because text around the link also get weightage for the anchor link in SERP, but if you are posting in an irrelevant site, in a relevant thread then it would help for sure, because the text around it will be full of relevant info.

Do you think Stephen? Did you completely forget the last time we had this discussion when it was proven that this might be possible. Remember Google Bowling? What about Google’s own warning that “There’s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking” Almost…?

Maybe you did forget, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since the other option is that you willfully gave potentially dangerously innacurate advice on this.
Some reading.

if your site is not porn site and get backlink from other porn site then it is harm to your site ranking because google consider u have bad neighborhood .