Backlinks in sites of same niche

if i have a website in a certain niche and i put backlinks in other website in the same niche, does google give these backlinks more juice than backlinks in sites from some unrelated niche (but in the same PR)?

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If you place the links yourself, then Google is highly unlikely to give much weight to them at all.

If other reputable websites in the same - or related - niche choose to link to yours, then Google will generally give those links more weight than links from unrelated pages. (But Google’s algorithms are highly complex, and other factors may affect how it views the links.)

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yes it will give, but sites should be old enough and links should remain their permanently. does not matter is its your own sites or now… quality matter. quality of site decided with content quality…
if same niche + good content + old sites + permanent = you will overtake others with high speed on google…

Again, I believe Google has long been able to detect linking between associated sites and will therefore give little value to those links.

associated sites does not mean - its run by same owner, google will give little value only if owner is same and content quality is poor…

everyone has right to make sites - if you are doing hard work in making high content quality site - then google wont stop you in any chance- its guaranteed…
still luck matters…but it will help

From Google’s guidelines (my bold):

That’s what Google is looking for, and will give real value to: links which were not placed by the site owner, but by somebody unconnected who thought the content was worth linking to.

Yes, of course you can link between related sites you own - as long as you do it to add value for your visitors, rather than try to manipulate search engines. But this won’t carry the same weight as genuine links from an “outside” site.


its book definition - practical is little extra then this…

But yes, you are right…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Google’s “book definition” is more accurate when discussing Google’s Search policies than anything that any of us could use our own wisdom to deduce or “guarantee” and certainly better than relying on luck.


yes, google gives more juice to related sites than unrelated ones.

Everything posted above, including a reference to Google, says that is not the case. Can you point us to any authoritative source to validate what appears to be a baseless opinion?


Did you perhaps mean sites in a related niche, rather than related sites?

Dear nikolaj,

To get the maximum of link juice you should choose relevant websites for your link building strategy.
Moreover, try to build Natural Backlink Profile. Create your own database of high-quality images
and videos that will be worth to share, publish interviews, generate and distribute your content properly,
answer questions on Q&A websites.

Good luck to you!

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All of these suggestions involve links which you are placing yourself, and as has already been said, Google places very little value on such links.

If you create backlink with high pr but unrelated niche then google penalize your site. You can create backlink in same niche

Sorry, but that’s just not true.

Google will only penalise your site for “unnatural” links it perceives to be part of a link scheme. Odd links from unrelated sites will do you no harm. (They may not do you much good, either, but they won’t incur any penalty.)

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