Section for ColdFusion?


In the old SPF, I had inquired about a section for ColdFusion, and the suggestion was made that I go into the “General Design Issues” section and prepend the subject with [ColdFusion].

In this new era of Discourse (still getting used to it, still looks awesome), I’m not seeing a General Design Issues section.

Where should I take my ColdFusion questions? :blush:



Well, according to this post:

General Web Development is now “Getting Started” with a tag of “general-dev”. (Doesn’t seem quite right to me, but that’s what it says. ) We’re currently looking at new tags to add, so I’ll suggest ColdFusion.

Also, by all means feel free to start a Poll to see how many would utilize a ColdFusion forum. It may be worth it to have one (but from past experience, I don’t think it got used much over at vB).

Hint: To start a Poll, put Poll: in the title of your topic and then create a list of items to choose from.

Thank you, @TechnoBear and @cpradio (YAY, my first tags!) I will do just that.