Poll: ColdFusion section

How likely are you to use a ColdFusion section, if one were added to SPF? Do you know anyone else who would be interested and/or could contribute?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What is ColdFusion?



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Unfortunately, I’m not very likely to use it. I bailed the ColdFusion ship and I haven’t looked back. :smile:

I would however be in favor of a Java/JVM section, which ColdFusion would be a part of. After all, ColdFusion is basically just a proprietary Java framework with a custom Java Server and cfml is pretty much just a library of custom JSP tags.

A Java/JVM section could be the catch all for anything that runs on the JVM, including but not limited to:

edit: added links for anyone unfamiliar with the languages

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@donboe perhaps?


Do you know anyone else who would be interested and/or could contribute?

I do know a professional CF guy and he loves it. I am not sure if he is a member here but I will ping him and invite him to SitePoint if he isn’t already a member.


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Only if it comes with a RealPlayer section as well. :wink:

I am in. Thanks Pullo :slight_smile:

I would indeed contribute

I’d use it for sure. In fact I basically bailed on this forum when the CF section went away (and moved to the Adobe forums) and only really come here for SQL help anymore. Especially now that my office is updating our CF version to the latest one, I’ll probably have things breaking, so I’ll be scouring the web for tidbits.

When Adobe forums switched to the Jive version, I left. Not at all intuitive, just a massive train-wreck. I only use that if there is nothing left, anywhere, and it’s the only resource left.

Glad to see that @cydewaze and @donboe are on board! :smile:

It’s funny, when I click on the suggested topics down below on this page, most of them are questions I asked back when we had a CF section. I guess that’s pretty telling!

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Well, this isn’t looking good for my quest. :smile:

Ah, well…

You could argue that the three people who answered “what is ColdFusion” need to be educated, so having a ColdFusion forum would benefit them, too…

Or that @mawburn’s suggestion is better as it allows for a whole suite of conversations in a category which expand beyond just Coldfusion. So take his suggestion of a category named Java/JVM with the following added tags: Coldfusion, Scala, Groovy, Grails, and Clojure and you’ve got a category that could be used for various discussions.

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I didn’t get alot of clicks on my link above, but it linked directly to the Java section of the ColdFusion wikipedia page.

###coldfusion and Java
The standard ColdFusion installation allows the deployment of ColdFusion as a WAR file or EAR file for deployment to standalone application servers …snip…

Because ColdFusion is a Java EE application, ColdFusion code can be mixed with Java classes to create a variety of applications and use existing Java libraries. ColdFusion has access to all underlying Java classes, supports JSP custom tag libraries, and can access JSP functions after retrieving the JSP page context

…snip… ColdFusion components can now be used directly within Java classes using the CFCProxy class.

Recently, there has been much interest in Java development using alternate languages such as Jython, Groovy and JRuby. ColdFusion was one of the first scripting platforms to allow this style of Java development.

If you click the arrow you’ll see an expanded view that shows the links and numbers.
TBH I don’t know why the other links aren’t similarly numbered in the post.

I’m not completely opposed to mawburn’s suggestion, but while it is technically correct that CF is an overlay for a Java engine, the bulk of the tag-based (or even CFSCRIPT) development code itself is not Java. I propose that anyone who seeks out SPF looking for CF help wouldn’t think to look under “Java/JVM” for a subsection/tag for ColdFusion.

The only reason I’m not on my knees begging HAWK for a ColdFusion category is because of the decline in CFs popularity, which started its spiral shortly before Adobe bought Macromedia, mostly because of the extreme cost of the CF Server (and Adobe purchasing MM certainly didn’t lower the cost of CF Server, either.) Even I, a hard-core CF lover, have to admit that it wouldn’t be active enough to justify its own category in SPF. And I’m not sure there are enough Railo/BlueDragon developers who could make up the slack, even if they knew one was here.

We had a lot more CF users before SP removed the CF section. It’s likely that they wandered away from SP and therefore are unaware of this thread.

It’s hard to get birds back into a cage once you’ve sprung the door.

That said, I guess there’s nothing stopping us from tagging CF posts and sort of making our own collection. It just wouldn’t be as easy to find as a dedicated section would.

Actually, now that I play around some, I guess there’s no way to add your own tags. Oh well.

I suppose we could ask the PTB for divine intervention and present us with a “ColdFusion” tag…


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That is still definitely in consideration. I don’t think we’ve added any new tags yet, but they are being discussed.

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