Help! Where should I post my topic?

If you were a member of our community when we ran on vBulletin, you will notice that there are a few changes in categories (forums) now. Here is a list of where to post based on the old structure.

If you weren’t part of our vBulletin community but are unsure of where to post here, this list will still be of use.

Note that some subjects have their own category, and some will require a tag.

The list below maps our old vB forums to the new Discourse categories. It doesn’t take into account all the tags that we have here, but they will be presented to you when you start to create a new topic.

If you still don’t know where to post, feel free to contact any staff member for guidance.

News & Announcements --> Community #news
General Discussions --> Community
Content Reviews --> The category most closely related to your question #site-review
Code Reviews --> The category that most closely fits your code review needs #code-review
Forum Support & Feedback --> Community #support
Web Content --> Content
Photography --> Content #photography
Social Media --> Social Media
Getting Started With Web Design --> Get Started
Website Design --> Design & UX
Graphics --> Design & UX #graphics
CSS and Page Layout --> CSS
Accessibility and Usability --> Accessibility
Developing for Mobile Devices --> Mobile
CMS and WordPress --> CMS
.NET --> .NET
Javascript and jQuery --> Javascript
Ruby & Rails --> Ruby
Perl --> Perl
Python --> Python
Go (or Golang) --> Golang
Databases and MySQL --> Databases
XML & Web Services --> General Web Dev #XML
General Web Development --> General Web Dev #general-dev
Web Security --> Server Config #security
Web Hosting --> Hosting
Server Configuration, Apache & URL Rewriting --> Server Config
Internet Marketing --> Marketing
SEO --> Marketing #seo
eCommerce --> Business #ecommerce
Business & Legal --> Business
Web Development Software --> General Web Dev #software
Scripts & Online Services --> General Web Dev #scripts
Help Documentation --> Community #documentation


Two things:

  1. Can you group the entries as Discourse categories (e.g. all Community board mappings next to each other)
  2. Perhaps WordPress should get a #wordpress tag in the CMS category?
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I’m not sure about (1). The purpose is for people that come from our vB forum and can’t find their way around. These are grouped in the order that they are used to. Happy to listen if you have a counter-argument.

Yup, good idea re (2). I’ll do that now.

I’m sad there is no Java / JVM :frowning: or at least “other”

Scala > GoLang


If there is enough demand for anything I’ll happily add a tag.
The reason we’re going with a tag system is so that’s easy to do. :slight_smile:

I moved a post to a new topic: How do I set up a CRON job?

i think we should have a choices is “others”, sometimes really hard to categories the topic whether there are suggestion on there.

If your topic doesn’t fall into any obvious category, then the chances are it belongs in General Web Dev or Community.

And if you do happen to post in the wrong place, the staff can always move it to a more appropriate category for you.