Hi all,

After not beeing arround for a couple of months, I just noticed that the entire Coldfusion forum has disappeard. Is it coming back or is it merged with another forum? I would find it a pity if it wouldn’t come back, since it was one of the few active CF forums at the moment


Yeah! What the heck?

If anything it has merged; a lot of the forums were merged (and some like SEO culled because they were spam magnets that were draining resources). I suspect the best place for your ColdFusion:

in the absence of any announcement regarding which forums have been merged, and where to post future threads, your guess is as good as ours

Yep! I did a search on my old CF threads, and they’ve all been neutralized/sanitized into the “General” section, where no one will ever think to go.

Yeah - having no announcement was rather weird with so many forums merged. I had to search for known phrases/brands/etc from a section to work out where they’d moved to!