Sass/Bourbon 5.0.0 Update directory Missing methods?

I have updated my Bourbon from 4.2.7 to 5.0.0-beta.7. Once I did that, I was left with less than half the methods or Mixins that were there under 4.2.7. Is this normal? When I go to Bourbon on Github, its apparent I have everything they list there for 5.0.0. When I go to Docs on the Bourbon website, its apparent I only have a small number of the mixins there. Why are so many mixins missing in 5.0.0? Yes, I am a beginner to Bourbon and Sass for that matter.

This is all thats in 5.0.0 Beta 7, which is just a fraction of 4.2.7

Never mind, I have been reading most of bourbon was depreciated because of browser prefixes. If anyone can close this, go ahead

// Bourbon 5.0.0-beta.7
// Copyright 2011 thoughtbot, inc.
// MIT License

@import "bourbon/helpers/buttons-list";
@import "bourbon/helpers/scales";
@import "bourbon/helpers/text-inputs-list";

@import "bourbon/settings/settings";

@import "bourbon/validators/contains";
@import "bourbon/validators/contains-falsy";
@import "bourbon/validators/is-color";
@import "bourbon/validators/is-length";
@import "bourbon/validators/is-number";
@import "bourbon/validators/is-size";

@import "bourbon/utilities/assign-inputs";
@import "bourbon/utilities/compact-shorthand";
@import "bourbon/utilities/directional-property";
@import "bourbon/utilities/font-source-declaration";
@import "bourbon/utilities/gamma";
@import "bourbon/utilities/lightness";
@import "bourbon/utilities/contrast-ratio";
@import "bourbon/utilities/retrieve-bourbon-setting";
@import "bourbon/utilities/unpack-shorthand";

@import "bourbon/library/border-color";
@import "bourbon/library/border-radius";
@import "bourbon/library/border-style";
@import "bourbon/library/border-width";
@import "bourbon/library/buttons";
@import "bourbon/library/clearfix";
@import "bourbon/library/contrast-switch";
@import "bourbon/library/ellipsis";
@import "bourbon/library/font-face";
@import "bourbon/library/font-stacks";
@import "bourbon/library/hide-text";
@import "bourbon/library/hide-visually";
@import "bourbon/library/margin";
@import "bourbon/library/modular-scale";
@import "bourbon/library/overflow-wrap";
@import "bourbon/library/padding";
@import "bourbon/library/position";
@import "bourbon/library/prefixer";
@import "bourbon/library/shade";
@import "bourbon/library/size";
@import "bourbon/library/strip-unit";
@import "bourbon/library/text-inputs";
@import "bourbon/library/timing-functions";
@import "bourbon/library/tint";
@import "bourbon/library/triangle";
@import "bourbon/library/value-prefixer";

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