How to add Bourbon, Neat, Bitters & Refills to my theme

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I have a sandbox domain set up on my host and I’m trying to create a new theme. To that end, I’ve downloaded a Sassified version of Underscores (_s) theme as a starting point.

To add Bourbon (et al) to my theme, do I just need to upload them inside my SASS directory and import them to the appropriate sass file in the proper order? -in Underscores, that appears to be “styles.scss”

I’m thinking something like:

@import "helpers/bourbon/bourbon.sass";

@import "helpers/neat/neat.sass";

Every tutorial/blog post/etc I see on how to add Bourbon (et al) to a theme start by installing a package manager on a local machine. Perhaps I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how something like Bower works, but since I’m not developing on a local machine, these package managers are unnecessary, right?

If I’m really off in left field, please set me straight!


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