Live Q&A: Miriam Suzanne on Susy and the need for toolkits on 18th Aug, 2pm (PST)

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On Thursday 18th of August, at 2:00pm PDT, we’ll be really lucky to have Miriam Suzanne (@mirisuzanne) join us for our next Q&A!

Miriam is the Co-Founder of OddBird, the team behind Susy and other great (and useful) toolkits! Miriam is also one of the amazing co-authors behind our book Jump Start Sass.

By participating in this Q&A, you’ll:

  • Understand how to customize Susy for your project (even with flexbox).
  • Learn about other ways to do layout, and why you might not need a toolkit to help.
  • Get advice on selecting a toolkit, or build your own!

It’s clear to see that Miriam knows a lot about Sass, Susy, and building web toolkits — so start posting your questions for her now!

If you’re unsure of when this is happening in your timezone, check out this handy link. If you realise you can’t make the event, no need to fret, get ahead of the crowd and leave your questions below. We’ll get around to them during the event.

See you there!


Why should you consider using Susy on your site?

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What things should you consider first and foremost when starting to make a toolkit?

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What other toolkits has Oddbird made and what are their benefits?

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where can i find the class now rcorded, gracias

Hi @rogeclash,
This is a chat session, which means there is no video. You can come back and join the live chat, or feel free to leave your questions for Miriam now, which she’ll get to once the event is happening. :slight_smile:

When you are planning a new project, what are your recommended first steps in determining what framework(s), library(ies), toolkit(s), etc you will be needing for your layouts and styling?

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How do I know that Susy is worth learning and working with? What are the advantages of using Compass or disadvantages of using something else?

How long does it take to learn it well?

And maybe this is kind of obvious but I know zero about Susy… So I’ll ask anyway.
What’s the reason to create Susy? What makes it different? Aren’t there too many tools on the web? How will you get people to make it “a-must-use” in their toolkit where there are so many tools out there to try and learn?

Sorry for the lack of originality in my questions. :slight_smile:

Mostly because I am not a designer, but it is rare that any of the CSS files I’ve written for my site get anywhere near 1K LOC.

Personally I’ve never seen a need to learn any CSS tool (other than the validator and lately auto-prefixer)

Would you say CSS toolkits are for professionals or complex designs only, or is the learning curve and benefit worth the effort for even “casual” use?


Why do the majority of the sites that are “Showcased” here…
        Sites Using Susy
…fail HTML validation? :scream:


So… Why Susy? and what is the different with Bourbon Neat??

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It is a shame that this is not a video presentation

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Welcome everybody to our Q&A!

Today we are thrilled to have Miriam Suzanne! She is a designer, developer, author, conference speaker and co-founder of OddBird. A team that builds many useful toolkits for web developers, like the Susy framework.

Hi @mirisuzanne, thank you for joining us :wave:

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Thanks for inviting me!


I love building toolkits, and I’m excited to talk about how we think about the tools we build, and the tools we decide to use from one project to the next.


It looks like we’ve had a few good questions come in already. Let’s get started. :slight_smile:

It is a shame that this is not a video presentation

@Paul_Watts- We like to alternate between different platforms with our live events. More live video events will be coming soon. :slight_smile:


Good question! I built Susy in 2009, and it looks like the first commit on Neat was published in 2012 - so you’ll have to ask them about that. :slight_smile: When Neat came out, it was nearly identical to Susy, and they still provide mostly the same features. Singularity is another great, similar toolkit that came out of a Susy feature request. They’re all great, mostly the same, with some slight variations. You should use (or not use) the one that feels most comfortable to you. Now let’s talk about why you would or wouldn’t…


Whats is susy? What it does? Who should use it? Who doesn’t have to use it?

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