Question about Duplicate Content?


My website is Wordpress-based, so I use the plugin “Social Network Auto Poster” to automatically submit my full post content to 4 blogs: Wordpress, Blogspot, Livejournal, Tumblr. Besides, I also manually submit these articles to some more blogs like, Quora, and some forums.

My question is:

  1. Does this harm the search engine optimization for my website?
  2. Does this prevent my website from being approved by Adsense if I apply to the program later on?

Thank you very much.

yup…dont use the same content on more then two websites and do every submission manually.

It is likely to harm your SEO because, unless you tell Google to only index one of the sites and to treat all links as though they are pointing to that one, all your links and googlejuice are being spread between the four sites, meaning that none of them will do as well as they could have done otherwise.

Why do you want to have four identical blogs on different platforms anyway?

Thank you Caris for the number.

Thank you Stevie.

The reason is that I want to attract real readers. Livejournal and Tumblr may not be very big. However, Wordpress and Blogspot are giant networks with easy interaction (comment, like…), so if I post my writings there (and I’m sure that the contents are very attractive), I can get back a lot of readers.

Could you please let me know what strategy I should use to benefit my website for the long term? I’m just a newbie in internet marketing.

Thank you very much.

Uniqueness of content is what is required in SEO now days. So in order to avoid content duplicacy you should submit your content/blog to only one site rather than posting it on 3-4 sites. You should update your blog on regular intervals and share it on social media channels to get more readers.

Thank you for your advice. I decide to keep articles of 300+ words only on my website for a strong SEO, while I will share some short posts (<100 words) on my Wordpress blog to attract organic readers.

Thank all of you.

Can I ask you guys pro a new question, yet also related to duplicate content? That’s about article marketing.

After I write a fresh article, how many article directories can I submit it to (at the same time)? Do I need to spin the article a little bit before submitting?

Writing a high-quality article is not an easy and quick task. So I want to maximize the article use by posting it to ezinearticles, goarticle, hubpage, squidoo… I just don’t know if this strategy is good or bad. Please let me know the truth.

Thank you.

I did this too for a stent back in the day. Then I realized like you that it is probably bad. So I dropped all the auto stuff and duplicate blogs to focus on one single blog. If you have alternate content to post on another type of blog or other then yes by all means do so. But posting the same thing over multiple places will do no further good and most likely be harmful to your seo efforts.

Hello FA,
It’s not very easy or complicated question for experts. On the other hand I’m not a such expert here but as I know, It may be harmful for main website to publish duplicate content. I mean which is already publish anywhere on the web.
By the way we guys are posting same articles on 4-5 directories, yes taking risk of course.

I can not tell you about the Ad-sense Approval but i can tell you Duplicate Content will affect Negatively to your site.
I also suggest don’t use spun Content, as it is also consider as a Black Hat SEO techniques. Hope it Helps.

It’ll not harm your website ; but try to use unique content per submission.
Or, you can rewrite the contents 100% uniquely before each submission.

Thank you for your advice. I will certainly do so.

So you think we can submit an article (a freshly new one that has never been posted anywhere, including my website) to 4-5 directories? In this way, I think my website SEO will not get harmed because these articles are not posted on it :D, they are just distributed among article directories.

Thank you for your information. This is the first time I have learned that spinning is considered to be black hat.


Duplicated contents are not helpful in SEO. Google may either treat as one or criminal. It may think you’re spamming (why would you post the same article to many sites anyway). Besides, spun articles can get penalized too.

you can do submit manually and don’t use in duplicate content, If you write one content , so you will submit only one article site otherwise google is spamming in your can post High PR SIte like Ezine Articles, go article and sooper article.

Thanks for your sincere help, Hamiltondist.

OK, so I will go with Ezinearticles, which is definitely the best of the best article directories.


In the future, I may have to hire some writers to compose unique contents for me. That seems to be the only legitimate way for SEO.