RIP, Mittineague

We have learned with great sadness of the death of Mittineague, a long-standing member of these forums and dedicated member of the volunteer staff.

Mittineague joined the forums in 2005, and was voted Member of the Month a year later. He was subsequently invited to join the staff and served for a number of years as a Team Leader. He continued to serve as an Advisor, and was active until shortly before his death.

Mittineague was quiet and unassuming, and much of his contribution went unnoticed, as he worked tirelessly behind the scenes to deal with bots and Spam accounts, and also to investigate software glitches and anomalies. He was committed to making the forums a better place for all. He was very patient, a trait which could be seen in his tenacity in dealing with tedious tasks, but also in his dealings with others. He never assumed he knew more than others, but when asked, would happily share his knowledge and experience. When I became an Advisor, the forums were running on vBulletin, and bot activity was a major headache. Mittineague taught me everything I know about identifying and tackling bots and problem accounts, and in the process we became friends.

He possessed a quiet sense of humour and a willingness to help others, wherever and however he could. His patience made him a good teacher. He was kind, understanding and forgiving.

I am sad to have lost a friend and a colleague, but my life is all the richer for having known him.

Rest in peace, Mittineague.


So sad. RIP Mittineague. You are already greatly missed.

Lovely tribute @TechnoBear.


Such a sad loss!

R.I.P. Mittineague. I will remember you for your kind attitude and willingness to help others.


R.I.P. Mittineague :cry:


Very sad he will be greatly missed.

I remember him moving up through the ranks all those years ago and he’s been a great asset to the forums.

Rest in peace, Mittineague.


Very sad news :cry:

I’ve worked together with Mittineague on all kinds of projects over the years and greatly respect him for his knowledge, patience and great curiousity to keep on learning.

You’ll be dearly missed, Mittineague. Rest in peace!


From all of us at SitePoint - we’re saddened to have heard the news about Mittineague. He was such a vital member of the forums and his positive impact on our community is immeasurable.

His kind attitude and advice will be missed. Rest in Peace.


Very sad to hear. He really gave a lot to these forums, tirelessly working behind the scenes to track down bots, eliminate spam, and make this a much nicer place to be. It’s strange to spend a lot of time with someone (online) and not really know who they are, but then again, you can know a lot about someone by their actions. He really gave a lot to this community, and will be very much missed. Vale Mit!


Yes, He was nice. Those who leave remind us of our mortality that we will join them soon.

True, Spam arrest is a difficult job for such a high-traffic website.


This is such sad news. Mittineague was such a kind and helpful member of this community. A very big loss, and he will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Mittineague.


Really sorry to hear of his passing. He sounds like a great guy all around and will be missed by friends, family and the site. May he rest in peace.

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I did not know Mittineague, but he sounds lot like my uncle who passed away last week. He was not just my uncle, but my friend and my mentor in photography and marketing, very patient. I really miss him, so I know how many of you feel.

Rest in peace, Mittineague


Yes a sad loss and missed by many.
R.I.P. Mittineague. Your helpful knowledge will be sadly missed.

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