Dan Schulz RIP - We Will Miss You

It’s with great sadness that I announce the passing of a treasured member of the SitePoint Community, Dan Schulz.

Dan passed away at his home last night.

I hope you can all join me in offering our sincere condolences and support to Dan’s family in this time of sorrow.

Dan joined the SitePoint community on May 25, 2006 and amassed 15,648 posts. Dan was awarded numerous accolades including Member of the Year in 2007, and quickly rose through the staff ranks, eventually becoming an Advisor with the design team.

I’d say there would be few members in this community that haven’t come across Dan at some point. He was one of those unique individuals who treasured being able to help others, and I’m sure made all of us better people in some way.

We’re currently discussing how we can honour Dan’s contribution to the community and I’ll share more information with you once it’s finalized

Dan, on behalf of SitePoint – you will be missed.


I spoke to Dan only a few days ago asking if he was alright. I normally chatted to him on MSN on most days and was alarmed when I realised I hadn’t heard from him in over a week. He said he was unwell but getting much better. I never expected this though.

This is so sad to hear. He was by far the most talented HTML/CSS coder in the WordPress community and will be sadly missed by everyone.

RIP Dan :frowning:

I’m going to miss you, Dan. And I don’t know what else to say. :frowning:

Very sad. The news came as an absolute shock to me. He will be dearly missed.

Still in shock from the news, it’s so terribly sad - and he will be missed. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

:eek: :frowning:

This is certainly a shock and I’m saddened to hear the news. He was certainly a knowledgeable and talented fellow and it’s unfortunate to lose him so early.

Rest In Peace

Dan was a pretty amazing guy. It’s news like this that makes you take stock off all the good things in your life.

My thoughts are with Dan’s brother, who also lost his mother recently.

I don’t drop by here very often, but I knew Dan most through Twitter

His last tweet (I don’t have enough posts here to include it as a link)

“Gimme a “Hell Yeah” if you feel 3 weeks is far too long to have the flu and pneumonia.”

Oh Dan, I miss you. What a shock. Such a promising young man you were.

Have peace :slight_smile:


Im very sorry Dan’s family. I did not know him on a personal level, but he has helped me many times. If i can help out in any way please let me know.

Maybe we could set up a Pledgie account for the family and advertise it on the site?

Im very sorry. I guess a good question is how did he die? If its personal i understand, but i am just curious.

While i only float in and out of sitepoint i do know dan was a huge force behind the site.

Just found out through DigitalPoint where Dan was a really valued member. I thought I’d just check to see if there were any posts that needed attention and all I found were pages and pages of “reports” where he’d helped to keep the place spic and span.

Such a shock, so young and yes, I really feel for the remaining members of his family.

Such sad news. Dan was a wonderful guy and I am glad that I had the chance to cross paths with him even if it only was online. He will be missed by me personally and all the rest of the staff at the SEO.com forum.

Here it is:

Here is a DM he sent me just before he sent that last tweet above. I’d contacted him as I was concerned not to see him on MSN for quite a while (we usually chatted on most days):

I ended up being hospitalized. Influenza (possibly H1N1), pneumonia, severe dehydration, acute nausea (vomiting way too much)…

According to one of Dan’s close friends, his family had a history of cold/flu related anyurisms, so I’m guessing it was probably related to that.

His mom died a few months ago


That is awful.

I first talked with Dan at DigitalPoint, it is so shocking to hear about his passing.

He’s really really a great guy worth a thousand accolades.

Life is so precious and fragile at the same time.

Loving and missing you, Dan!

speechless and so sorry to hear this

ehcck, I was just talking with him about a bunch of joint ventures when he became ill. I was just about to fire off an email to him when someone on DP alerted me to this post.

Dan was a stud and very giving with his knowledge. Evolution is a curious thing eh? He will be deeply missed. I really enjoyed my brief tenure working with him. Its quite disconcerting actually. He was way too young. :frowning:

RIP Dan.