Forum staff restructuring

I’ve had a busy morning and have made a few changes to the staff structure here at the SitePoint forums.

Please join me in congratulating Mittineague on his promotion to Team Leader of the Programming Team.

The second promotion of the day goes to Paul O’B, who is the new Team Leader of the Design Team.

In a slight reshuffle, Dave Maxwell has moved over into the role of Team Leader of the Grow and Manage Team.

Nice work guys. We’re lucky to have you.

i’m just new here… but congrats! and it’s really nice to know that there is something like this here… kudos!

Fabulous! Congratulations everyone. Must say it was weird signing on here and seeing Paul in blue.

Congratulations, guys!

Congrats, guys, well deserved!



My congratulations to Paul and Dave! And from me, Thanks!

Hmmmm, any thoughts of changing avatar color?

Congrats for the achievement. You are deserved to have the achievement. So you did. Great job. Wish you good lock in future and achieve still more heights.

Congratulations Paul, well deserved.

Congratulations :slight_smile: Hope the forum will grow further thanks to your work guys.

Thanks - the blue will take some getting used to :slight_smile:

Gratz guys, well deserved.

Not sure your avatar will look too good in blue, you might need to try out a number of different shades to blue to find one it looks good in

Congratulations all, well deserved :tup:

Congratulations to everyone! big applause

You look fantastic in blue… and yes, Mittineague you should definately think in blue for your avatar :shifty:

Congrats all!

Congratulations Mitt and Paul! And :tup: to your reshuffle Dave :slight_smile:

Mitt, I agree, a change of colour within your avatar picture is definitely in order :wink:

Andrew Cooper


Congrats guys.

Hmm, yeah, a lot of visual design issues here. :lol:

Congratulations everyone. This all reminds me of the ministerial reshuffles going on in the Aus parliament at the moment.

Yes Blue is good and well done chaps! I’ve only just changed colour myself and am still adjusting to it; it’s like a game of musical chairs and hopefully will be successful. :cool: