Effect on Banner for website

Hey everyone,

I’m attempting to make a larger banner for my revamping of my site. The last one I have was made by someone else 4 years ago and I don’t have their contact information any longer.

I’m attaching a file is what I’m trying to create but larger. I’ve been able to use the gradient tool with the black to the blue. The issue I’m having is I’m not sure how the original creator was able to make the shine toward the middle.

Anyone out there can give me some tips on how to do so would be great.

Sorry also forgot to post I’m using Photoshop CS2

Try getting readymade themes, button over google.

To recreate the gradient, create a rectangle to your required size, fill it with any colour and then create a custom gradient made of the 3 colours from your original (black, blue and a slightly lighter blue in the middle).

The last thing to do is to angle the gradient fill from the top left-hand corner

Hi Izumi, take a look at the following video tutorial, might point you in the right direction. sthomas above has pretty much got it bang on. Sometimes videos are an easier way to learn though. Best of luck, PM me if your stuck at all dude.

Use Abobe Photoshop CS5 to do that n after that save as webpage and choose 2up or 4up optimised option