Uber nOob in need of some PS help


I am in a bit of a bind and need some help from the masses as my skill set is weak in design and PS.

Short story…I paid a guy to help us with our website and design some graphics. He took the money and ran! I am now left to pick up the pieces.

I have a banner he designed for us and want to use it in a slightly different way now. I have attached the banner I need help with.

I want to use this in a few different ways, as I like what he initially did. First off, I want to remove the logo on the right side and add a different on. This way when I rotate banners on the website, I will look like only the graphic on the right side is changing. How can I remove it and add the other? I have Photoshop CS5 Extended Edition but don’t know how to use it!

Also, I want to use the same banner as an email footer…that would require removing the text and the image on the right and leaving me with the faded background so I could add text.

Any help with this would really be appreciated! I am lost and stuck…



First off you will need the original Photoshop file (.psd). Once you have that open in Photoshop if your “designer” was any kind of decent human being you should see several boxes on the right hand side under the “Layers” panel. You should be able to get the effects you want with two simple actions, moving and hiding

Click on a layer in the layers panel > Hit the V key on your keyboard. You can now drag around the contents of that layer in the main panel

Click the little eye icon next to a layer, poof and the layer is gone.

Try experimenting like this and you should be able to get the desired effect and also improve your Photoshop skills a little!

If you don’t have the psd file (i am guessing maybe not if your designer did a runner) it might well be possible to duplicate sections of the gradient background and paste them over the top of the old logo, creating your banner but without the logo, then save a copy of this file and proceed to add in your new logos over the top of the new space you have just created.
Hopefully i have explained that well enough, if not feel free to contact me. The design of your banner should lend itself to this technique quite well due to the consistent gradient.

Hi Dave,
I love a good backstory and what you need is easily manageable.
I have attached a psd file for you with 4 layers

Layer 1 - Background base layer (white)
Layer 2 - Full banner as is
Layer 3 - Full gradient with no logos
Layer 4 - Gradient covering right logo.

You will need to learn how to use Photoshop now that you have it!
Play with the layers and the transparencies, you can easily create many different banners in one psd file and keep things tidy.

Hope this helps