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Hi there! I recently got pressured into making a personal site for identifying myself online, and I ended up coming up with this. I learned most of the work on my own this summer and just got started with making cool websites, and I wanted to see if there were any design changes I should make to this. Currently, I’ve been testing everything on my chrome browser.

I wanted to preserve the stricter, academic vibe I get from my friends’ sites at the lab but also wanted to show off something quirky and fun that breaks that initial view. An idea I had was setting the background as a topographic map / forest and hanging some photos from instagram at specific locations at them. I was also considering have a little bar at the side that showcased some social media posts, but I’m not too sure where to start! I looked into some fun animations on paper.js, but I’m also a little lost on where to start / recenter myself. It would be awesome if any of you could help me out!

I haven’t received hosting from my lab yet, so currently all my code is in


I just reviewed your personal site, and it seems good and professional.i like the UI of your website because it is clean and simple. The only things I would change to add some images, animation make it attractive.
Overall great work.

Cool, thanks for the help! What do you mean by images and animation? What specifically should I be looking at?

I mean give some nice header image which is related to your work, and slider to show your work…

Hi @cat_human, and welcome to the forums.

I think you’ll find that very few members will be willing to download your files in order to view your site, and you’re therefore unlikely to receive much feedback. If you do not have a live site to link to, then please set it up on github pages, so it can be viewed without the need to download.

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Sorry about that! Here is the site link: A really nice user (John_Betong) put it up for me.


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