Much Needed Portfolio Feedback


Hi Everyone,

New to the forum and was looking to get some feedback on my portfolio. I got laid off my previous job back in may, since then, I've been applying for at least one new job a week. So far that is over 100 jobs and I've received only one call back. I was thinking maybe there's something wrong with my portfolio. If some of you could take a look and let me know what you think I would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Welcome to the forums, @joshiagaume.

My main problem with your portfolio is that, having spent a good few minutes looking at it, I'm still not sure what you do or what your skill set is. Now, that might be apparent in the context of your job applications, but I'd say some accompanying text explaining your exact contribution to each project wouldn't go amiss. "Logo + App + Site + Motion Design" doesn't convey a great deal to me. Were you solely responsible for all those areas, or part of a team? Are you purely a designer, or do you also develop the sites you design?

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it very hard to evaluate a Web site from images. A site is meant to be interactive, so I like to be able to actually visit the site and see how it performs. Can you link to any of your work "in the real world"? This is especially important now, when mobile-friendliness is often a requirement. Fixed-dimension images don't convey how something will adapt to different screen sizes.


I clicked through the links on your site which were supposed to give me more details about your services but I found nothing. I don't even have an idea of your services. I think you should hire someone to do it better for you. You will get there soon. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanks for comments. Very much appreciated!


I would recommend adding your resume, linked in URL, and being more descriptive with your projects. In particular I can't really tell whether any of those projects are real or just your own work to make it look like you have experience. I think adding links to the websites which you took part in designing would go a long way.


You might want to write something on the page. like welcome to my portfolio and a short paragraph and who you are, phone or contact form etc.


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