Reliable hosting service for multiniche websites

I am started a new website that have tons page views per day approximately. (90,000) and above. Now i want to move my site to wordpress so anyone please suggest some reliable hosting service provider.

So you want to move from a WordPress com site to a WordPress org site?

IMHO there are many “reliable” hosts. that can handle that many views.

And most are reasonably priced.

I’d say, pick one, try it, and if if doesn’t work out move on.

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Yah Great Idea Thanks buddy…

No matter what you choose make sure you read the hosts support forum (if
they have one) or user reviews. But only the real ones, not paid for. I
can recommend a good site that I personally use .

I will suggest you to go for Bluehost or Hostgator. I am running a multiniche blog on bluehost and it has no any issue. what hosting are you carrying right now?

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Thanks for your suggestions.

There are many reliable hosting services, but which one is best for your will depend upon your exact requirements.

The best advice I can give you is to use the guidelines @cpradio linked you to in your other thread, and work from there.

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Thanks for the PDF.

I recently moved my free blogger blog with a custom domain and a 50,000 monthly page view to Godaddy managed wordpress hosting for a little less than $7 a month. If you choose a managed wordpress hosting, choose a plan with a visitor limit of more than 25,000 visitors to have a room to grow. If you prefer to move your site to a generic shared hosting, Namecheap offers a free domain for one year with a $9.88 for one year hosting fee and renews at $38.88 per year. You are looking for a reliable hosting and I can say based on my experience that both namecheap and godaddy are reliable.

For reliable hosting service provider go with waxspace.They have been supporting their customers 24x7, whether they’re newbies or webmasters.Plans started with just $0.90/Month…