Hosting For A Wordpress Site

Who do you use and are they reliable? I ask this based on recently updating my own site and discovered at time of the update that my host’s server was down. I got on their support’s live chat and discovered their reasoning and rec’d usual apology. Now this has been the third time I’ve discovered this in recent weeks leading me to wonder how many other times this has been happening. My site is my fulltime business and livelihood and took over a year to rebuild from Frontpage to Wordpress. Alot of time spent, only to discover it’s being hosted on a server with sporadic outages that I am very dissatisfied with. Not to mention the fact I cannot get traffic to increase and have seo’d, keyworded, renamed images with keywords, tagged images, re-written content and there are roughly 5,000 images throughout the site along with roughly 8,500 separate pages and several blog posts etc. All total, it’s been on this host for about 18 months and up to this point, nothing spectacular (at last check about 500 visits in a day). So my question: can anyone recommend a different host? Including:

#1. would VPS or dedicated server be best?
#2. How difficult to move to a new server? I have about 5 or 6 plugins currently
associated with this site. I know nothing on how to move/push a site
#3. I currently publish to this server using my “/wp-admin” which has worked best
I would hope to avoid FTP with FileZilla…sort of nerve-wracking.

any insights would be appreciated…

I would recommend using Goddady, they offer good service with cheap price. I bought a site for only 1$/1 month included domain for a year

Thank you greatly, and everyone else for their input. After extensively researching this, I have pinpointed Amazon’s hosting service that allows you to sign up, migrate and then pay them on a “per usage” basis…it looks very good. Again, thanks to one and all who assisted in this conversation…

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