Need a Reliable/Speedy Host for a Mid-Level Blog

I run a six-month-old movie blog, it’s not too big yet but I’m getting a respectable 1,500 pageviews/day and growing.

From the start I’ve been with JustHost because I figured if it was a disaster I could use the money-back guarantee (I’ll see how that goes soon).

It hasn’t been a disaster by any means but lately there’s been quite a bit of downtime, and their response time is always a bit farther behind what they promise.

So what I’m looking for is:

  • More reliability/less downtime
  • Quick customer service
  • Multiple websites under one account
  • Easy upgrading as traffic increases
  • Fair price (I’m dirt poor)

I don’t care about site builders or the control panel or WordPress installs or user-friendliness or any of that, I can handle all that on my own.

I’m leaning toward HostGator since it’s so well established and I see very little negativity about it. Any thoughts?

Hostgator is, so far, the best host ive ever been with :slight_smile: i’ve also heard plenty of great things about them. recently got to the homepage of, and my site is on the baby shared plan — held up perfectly, didn’t hear a peep from HG :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend a shared hosting plan as your blog is a movie blog which requires a good amount of resources. Preferably, a lower configuration dedicated server would be the best option, otherwise, look for a VPS and then upgrade later…

I believe you do not need dedicated server. I recommend you look through various shared web hosting offers. Then you will have several names in mind. Then contact each of them and make your choice.
If you go with dedicated sever I believe you will overpay

1500 page views per day should be nothing for a well managed server, and in my experience, HG does a fine job at it.

I do suggest you use a cache plugin. It’ll help lower the resources (CPU, memory) usage for your blog.

for 1500 page views I think good shared web hosting account will be enough.

I am using KVCHOSTING and they are really cheap as well with great uptime. $2.49 per month for 100GB web space and unlimited bandwidth. How good is that?

Try looking such a known company as They are inexpensive, (slightly more than two bucks for a shared accounts which may fit you) and stable enough to make your site be up and running all the time.