Need Reliable WordPress Hosting... Bluehost? HostGator?

I have been using for a few years now, and they are just far too unreliable for me. I am ready to move my 15 or so wordpress sites to a new host. Who do you recommend?

Also what type of hosting would be wise? I am a web designer first, and “hosting provider” maybe third… ie: I don’t have a ton of knowledge on the best way to do this. Shared server? VPS? I have three websites that have SSL, a couple e-commerce sites, and a bunch of basic wordpress sites.

Thanks ahead of time!

That depends on a few factors:

  1. Where do you want servers to be located
  2. What’s your monthly budget?
  3. What do you need in terms of disk space, data transfer and hosting features?

Unless any of your sites have extremely high traffic or are server resource hungry then a decent Reseller account if you want a few bells and whistles.

  1. In the United States
  2. On average I am charging my clients $150 a year for hosting. So would like to still make a dollar or two after hosting fees.
  3. Most of my sites are WordPress… I only host email for about 3 companies, and they each use about 1-2gb total of disk space. Other than those three disc space is not a huge deal.

Do you have any suggestions for companies?

BlueHost/HostGator has a reputation for being unreliable (they are both now owned by the same company and so are basically the same.

I was with BlueHost for about four 1/2 years and then switched to Hostgator just prior to HostGator being purchased by the current owners, who then went on to purchase BlueHost a year or so later.

I recently switched from HostGator (after three years with them) to which was recommended to me by a friend as being very reliable. They even transferred everything across for me and were very quick to resolve the two issues that arose due to differences in how the servers were configured. WebHostingBuzz have servers and support staff both in the USA and in the UK and so if you do have problems you are more likely to be dealing with support staff working normal office hours and less likely to be dealing with support staff working night shift.

I’m in the UK but have a few clients in the USA and have worked with a fair bit who seem very good, excellent support response times and their servers are generally very fast, even from the UK.

You can also visit wphostingreviews[dot]com and find information about your question.

Read a few recent reviews and look into the twitter accounts of the two hosts you mention. What was golden in the past can become tarnished. Overall, I’m gathering that a reseller account would work well for you. What is your budget and what is your preference for a data center location? JaguarPC uses LiteSpeed and CloudLinux on its supermicro reseller servers. LiteSpeed allows for high performance and CloudLinux nearly eliminates issues with resource sharing on reseller servers.

I use surpasshosting/hostdime. Good uptime, responsive support, and good prices.

if you go with the popular mass-shared hosting companies, your sites will be ‘squeeze’ with many sites on the same server.
You pay for what you get. Expecting 100% uptime and paying $5 buck a month will be ‘dream’ .

As an update I ended up going with… Read some great reviews.

Outstanding support, and I have yet to have a site have any downtime at all (it was a daily occurrence with So far so good!