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is it merely enough to just add my site to a social bookmark site or do I also have to create a network or join a group to make that link seen. I’m just wondering because I always just add my links to them. I find most social bookmark sites are horrible and i’d hate to invest extra time in them by adding a network of people.

I think social bookmarking is more effective in generating traffic than increasing your backlinks. But if you can do something to increase those bookmarks popularity, it would be helpful to your link building work.

It really depends on the needs you have and what exactly you want to do. If it is just adding a couple (or a few thousand) of buttons at the end of your article so your readers can say if they liked it or not, then it is not much work and you really don’t have to create your own network.

But, as with anything social, if you want to promote in certain networks you do have to go the extra mile. Yet, if you have to join a group or create your own network, etc, depends on various factors such as your goals, the type of public your aiming for, the habits of this public, and the network itself. Digg is not the same as facebook, so to say.

Some networks will benefit of that extra work and bring benefits, some others will not and that would be a waste of your time.

Exactly right. If you are going to do it for reputation, gaining friends then that should work out well but if you wanna do it for seo purposes then it certainly is going to be just a waste of time.

Social bookmarking is one of the most useful way for traffic generation. Infact social bookmarking not only helps you in generating backlinks and traffic, it actually helps you in branding of your product.

Precisely that’s the reason why you don’t want to do it the wrong way. Overdue it, and people will take you as a regular a spammer and… guess what? you will be a regular spammer but you will think that you’re not :wink:

Yet, doing it right depends on the service and your goals and public.

Social Bookmarking generates backlinks for your website - accepted
Social Bookmarking generates traffic and helps in branding of your website - Not so sure about this.

The reason i am saying this is because there are not many websites which are actively used by real people. It’s all about those SEO Spammers out there. Hence, out of 300 people visiting the website daily, only 10-20 of them really see your business.

Yah, I think agree with you here. This is exactly my problem. Not sure if taking time out of my day for adding a “network”, on sites that are usually just spammed anyway, is worth my putting in my SEO bag of tricks. But yes, the backlinking on these bookmarking sites is the extent I’ll take it.

(thx , I’m always interested in what others have to say)

*lifes a garden, dig it!

It help with showing your brand and gain a little friend along the way. I only use stumble social network.

Social bookmarking has proven to be one of the best off page methods that can help a site generate traffic and even backlinks. You can add a little hardwork by involving maybe a like button at the end of your articles.

Social bookmarking and social networking both are important in seo.Social bookmarking will help in getting backlinks for your website and social networking will you in generating traffic. Both have there own importance.

you must create login on high pr social bookmarking sites and create profile also, no need to do in all sites , but which are good and effective bookmarking sites must create their , that will help you in your later projects , as bookmarking is very effective means of generating traffic and getting backlinks.

Social bookmarking is effective only when the social bookmark is dofollow and if other people would bookmark your site since the purpose of social bookmarking is actually for others to bookmark your site.

For your help create login on these Top 15 social bookmarking sites, they are most searched and used now a dayz…
1 | Twitter
2 | digg
3 | StumbleUpon
4 | reddit
5 | delicious
6 | tweetmeme
7 | mixx
8 | FARK
9 | Slashdot
10 | friendfeed
11 | clipmarks
12 | newsvine
13 | diigo
14 | Hacker News
15 | blinklist

Social Bookmarking increasing your website traffic and some bookmarking site provide dofollow link to your website which can increase your website search engine ranking also. These website also help you remember difficult URL.

Social media bookmarking link popularity is important factor and it very good to gain popularity against your bookmarking link. For this you need to join groups on social bookmarking sites. Like stumble upon i have many friends and followers. I invite these people to see my bookmark entry and as they like it they give vote and result in popularity of this website…