Recruiting Twitter Followers

Is there a ethical:D method of recruit followers on Twitter?

Mike E:eye:

Post an interesting twits. So people follow you.

The simple thumb rule is follow and get followed back. But it doesn’t always work that way. You have to keep you tweets updated and interesting enough to be followed. You can also post the twitter icon to your blogs, website or other social media accounts for you to be more visible.

in a week 82 follower great…

I have purchased a program called “titter Adder” I lets you line up tweets and replies to be updated when you designate. I have mine set to send out one tweet an hour between the hours of 8am & 10pm. I had a lot more functionality that I hope to grow into. But of course the best program in the world is not going to make up for a lack of great content consistently. I am focusing on social media , smart-phones. web design and development. So far in 1 week I have 82 followers which I personally find amazing.

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There are some twitter recruitment agencies,you may give them a try,they claim they can boost you up with quality twitter followers.

As far as I know there’s a twitter plug in for twitter. Your twitter snapshot posts will be seen at your blog.

Specify your twitter in the field “site” where the comment on blogs.

I usually display my twitter account everytime post a blog, i give a talk to some SEO specialisits and others. And oh, you can use #hash tag you tweet -which is helpful to do a little research first, to find out if the subject you’re tweeting already has an established hashtag

Thanks for elaboration but what we are talking here is those strategies on how to recruit twitter followers. :nono:

It’s very easy mate -

Here are some Twitter benefits:

  • Very interactive, extensible messaging platform with open APIs
  • Many other applications being developed (Twitterific, Summize, Twhirl, etc.)
  • Potential SMS text messaging revenue from wireless networks (although Twitter states they are not currently getting any cut)
  • Potential future advertising and/or enterprise subscription-based revenue streams

Well, its a good suggestion. In my case, I used to post it at my personal Facebook Account. 2 -3 times a month posting is enough for me. :x

Another thing is, You can also post it at your blogs, give a space button for your twitter page. In that way, blog readers will follow your tweets.

being an active user and posting often would help…

Well, you are right. Don’t market too much. Just be at your self. :eye:

You can put links to your Twitter profile everywhere. Link it on your Digg, SU, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, email signature, and everywhere else you live online.

Another often overlooked method is personalization. Direct messaging is a great way to keep the conversation going outside of the Tweets.

Following others in your niche helps sometimes. People would often follow you back, especially if you get to offer interesting and original tweets.

Stephen Fry… he’s famous (yes) but he understands the technology, has insightful posts and has made a name for himself as a professional tweeter. :slight_smile:

i think u start follow as many people as u can and they will start following u as u r following them simple …

Can anyone give an example of a good twitter page, that is, the twitter page of a person who is a successful marketer on twitter?