Recruiting Twitter Followers

Absolutely! By creating tweets that are interesting enough to make people want to follow you.

Simple, isn’t it. :eye:

Only achievable if you conduct targeted and relevant tweeting campaigns. This means talking or engaging with the people who share your interest and would like discuss “more” about it.

Also start searching for Q/A for specific keywords.

No it doesn’t, good tweets are unique, not rehashed content, quotations or plagurism. The odd re-tweet is fine, but loads of them is just pointless. :slight_smile:

Would RT’s of pertinent info and info from other sources that give credit to authors fit in the category of good tweets?

Mike E:eye:

I have followers that I have no idea where they came from. Very interesting this tweeter world

No it will not. You’ll end up following a whole lot of people with no one following you if that’s all you do.

People will only follow you if you provide them with something that they want to read. Then it doesn’t matter if you follow anyone else or not.