Recommended amount of meta keyword

How many keyword should be place in meta keyword on website?

Anyone can give some recommendation please?

There is no set limit. I dont put more then 10 usually.

knock yourself out, put as many as you want

no search engine is going to look at them anyway

want to know why? because of all the SEO idiots over the years that have screwed things up by spamming keywords

i put as many as i want using google keyword tools… :D, btw… anyone know what the differences between keyword dan tag?

I would suggest you not put lots of keywords in your meta keywords element. While VERY few engines still use the meta keywords for ranking purposes (Yahoo! still does ROFLMAO as was proved by Danny Sullivan a couple of months ago), having LOTS of keywords in the meta keywords element can still trigger keyword stuffing penalties at Google.

I would keep your meta keywords to 5-10 phrases. There’s seldom a reason to use any more than that since your pages should be targeting a single keyword phrase (maybe 2-3 if they are all VERY similar).

What you place in the meta keywords tag depends on what the scripts you implement on your site that use that tag are going to expect to see. If that is the only part of the page that your internal search engine is going to look at for determining what pages to list when someone uses it to search your site then it would be quite appropriate to include a large number of keywords there using whatever delimiter your script is set up to expect (a space or comma probably will work best).

If you don’t have your own script that reads that tag then there is not much point in including it since nowhere else bothers to read it any more.

I recommend you to keep 5-7 meta keywords for your websites.more meta tag does not make sense and also you have tags to specify more keywords.

thanks for the advices

i stopped putting in meta keywords years ago, sad really

highlyrelevant, why u stop putting meta keywords?

Because most respectable search engines (except for Yahoo! lol) totally ignore them. They have been abused by keyword stuffing blackhats so many times that the search engines began ignoring them years ago. Except for Yahoo!, any search engine you should care about ranking in does NOT consider them in their ranking algorithm.

As felgall said, unless you’re running a CMS that has it’s own built in search utility that depends on the meta keywords element or some other on-site search function that uses the meta keywords element, you can usually just forget about them.

Personnally, I always include a meta keywords on each page and list the same keyword phrase(s) (or slight variations) that appear in the <title> of that page. I limit it to only words that appear on the page… and limit it to 5-10 keyword phrases.

Around 3-5 would be sufficient (my experience).

Rather than use META keywords you could make better use of your time and do something more constructive that will benefit your visitors or make your content richer and work harder for you. Perhaps check out Microformats or the DCMI META information project, produce a syndication feed or perhaps get involved in social networking to keep your visitors updated (just a few general idea). There’s lots of useful ways you can extend the reach of the stuff you write for your website, don’t burn bandwidth on the dead horse which the SEO junkies keep flogging out of the remote chance a search engine will listen to them :slight_smile: