How many keywords in meta tag?

How many keywords are acceptable by google in your meta tag?

I suggest you upto 150 characters in meta keywords.

so the number of keywords are irrelevant and all of them altogether should be 150 characters?

google takes 50 keywords

I have seen over 300(characters)in the description and over 150 words in keywords in some cases and it hasn’t seemed to bother their rankings at all but I have heard under 150 characters in the meta descriptions and in the keywords no more than 15 key word phrases.

I was looking at some sites on the front page of google a while back to see how they were set up SEO. One had like 50-70 words in the meta tags, I was just thinking “dude… this is not the 1990s anymore” lol.

But it didn’t seem to hurt their rankings they were on the first page of google.

I have always heard that 15 words was a good number.

If you are asking how many keywords then that is a difficult question. Firstly your keywords should all be directly relevant to your site and closely related to your site theme, so avoid keyword stuffing where you put any keyword with a vague link to your site theme.

Google give so little weight to that tag that what you put in it is unlikely to make any difference whatsoever.

Well you can go for 150-160 characters for your keywords but make sure do not repeat your keywords again and again.

Also using Meta tags is not a bad idea but do not very much focus on meta tags as Google do not consider meta tags…

Meta keywords, as what I know, nowadays ignored by Google. Put your keywords in your meta title and description, but not excessive.

As I said earlier, under 150 characters is good for all major search engines. You should not include more than 15 keywords. Moreover it will be good if all the keywords are synonyms or closely related keywords.

Based on what?

Rubbish - Google has NEVER stated anything about numbers of keywords in the meta tag.

Where do you get 150-160? The W3C states nothing about number of characters you can use in this tag.

Rubbish - they use the description meta tag, language meta tag, robots meta tag…


There has never been any recommendation that you should use synonyms in the keywords meta tag. The keywords meta tag, as intended, were to list 3-4 words that appear in the content that you felt would assist the search engines in presenting that document in results.

Google accepts 255 characters for the keyword meta tag.

I agree with you dude, Meta ignored by Google nowadays.

But meta keywords are not ignored by Yahoo! :smiley:

So since there are still million of people searching yahoo search engine, I can say that it still relevant.

As the SEs can change their minds whenever they like, it may be a good idea to include keywords metas when building your pages. The engines that ignore meta keywords today may take another look at them in the future.

These days SEs are really quite advanced in the way they analyse language. IMHO it is likely that genuine synonyms are valid content for meta keywords. When one considers that this tag was intended to give pointers regarding the content focus of a document (not to boost its SERPs), it is logical for the SEs to look favourably upon carefully and appropriately expanded keyword sets.

This is just conjecture based on what seems to me to be common sense and in the interests of the engines and search users. I have no empirical evidence beyond the fact that this is my approach and I enjoy great Google results - so at least it doesn’t seem to have been frowned upon.

I agree that in the early days it would have been appropriate to use only the actual terms that appear on the page. Back then the SEs capabilities to recognise related terms and concepts would have been very limited indeed.


Some says that using excessive keywords is not good for Google and for your site too…
10 or less keywords on meta tag is more appropriate…

There is no such limit. You can use as many keywords you think are necessary. And don’t bother about keyword stuffing. Keywords in meta tags are not considered in keyword stuffing.

What makes you think that?

People seem to be stuck in the dark ages, they have some crazed perception that meta data is still significant to search engines. While META data is useful for describing your content (I am a big fan of using RDF with the DCMI) you should not be trying to push keywords as a legitimate way to gain search engine priority.