Optimum number of keywords for Meta tag

I know that kind of stuff isn’t meant to be important for SEO purposes but my boss wants to be able to add keywords via CMS so I just want to know what is considered the optimum number of keywords to recommend using. I was under the impression it was between 10-20 but wanted to make sure.

actually there are no limitation on Meta Keywords… you can insert as many as you want after all meta keyword is just a small factor in se rankings… but to answer you question… I suggest 15-20 KW with 100% relevancy to your webpage…

Thanks for the input

Actually meta keyword tags are irrelevant now a days.Many Search engines are not using it any more.Also it easily provides all your targeted keywords to your competitors.Because the keywords meta tag was so often abused, many years ago Google began disregarding the keywords meta tag.But still you want to mentioned them,i think 10-20 are enough.

As veryshant says, the meta keywords tag is worthless, and has been for at least six years. Assuming your targeting the major search engines, there is no point in wasting your time on them.

I’m aware it is largely worthless but hell, its an easy feature to implement. Doesn’t Yahoo still take some notice of keywords?

You can go till 15-20 keywords but make sure you go for only relevant keywords and do not repeat any of them.

If you mean the meta keyword tag, then I will limit it to less than 10 words. By the way, Google has announced that they no longer take meta keyword tag into consideration. But if you mean meta description tag (which is still as important), I would write about two sentences.

Rather than deciding the number, I would recommend to do keyword research before that. You will know how many of them to be added there.

I guess it also kinda depends on your website and how many pages you have. If you have 100 pages all talking about the same “general” topic… then your keywords need to be “specific” per page. And be sure to not overuse.

I do kinda agree with the lack of relevance on google with meta keywords. But… I still find some relevance on Bing and Yahoo.

It really depends on whether you are using the keywords for anything. If you aren’t using it for anything then getting rid of that meta tag completely is probably the best option.

I use the meta keywords on my site as part of the site search script built into the site and so the tag actually gets used on my site - so I include all of the keywords that make sense to have included in order to position the page appropriately in the search results.

Hi there,

Every SEO has their own opinion about the number of meta tag keywords to use. Some say that you should use 10-15 keywords and others say use less than this. Some SEO also advices not to repeat a keyword more than twice. No matter what is their opinion about meta tag keywords, just make sure you use the most relevant and appropriate keywords fit for the page.

i only use 3 major keywords and 7 minor keywords “per page” of my site. with this, i can well spread my most important keywords all over my site. i got this idea on this site.

You can use 10 to 20 all keyword should be relevant to your web page. Now a days search engine mostly google do not prefer it.

Google simply discard the keyword meta tags. It has no effect in search engine ranking. Other than this by using meta keywords, there is chance for your competitor to know about the keywords you are targeting. But meta description tags are worthy. In my site i simply removed the meta keywords tag.

Does anyone ever focus on writing good, strong content as opposed to stringing together a bunch of sludge studded with Magic Keywords throughout? …never mind…

I tend to ignore them too, although sadly a lot of people take them very seriously. I once knew someone who employed someone just to write keywords for meta tags.

To put an anecdote to this quote, I recently suggested this very thing at work and we decided to beef up our content and stop promoting articles on ezine, and we’ve never had higher traffic rankings from Google throughout the site history.

So yeah, turns out unSEOing our site worked better than what we were doing before…

I would suggest to go for not more than 10 relevant meta keywords. Even if google says they pay no attention to meta keywords their is no harm either. And for meta keywords the length should be maximum of 160 letters. I think this is considered ideal as far as i know.

I’m currently using 7-8 relevant meta keywords. I suggest everyone using the same. It’s a great deal having less information but 100% accurate than having loads of info with bad results.