Recommended simple CMS

Hi, I am looking for a simple CMS for a small website of no more than 12 pages (and no blog) that is easy enough for a user to update themselves. A flatfile or SQLite is probably what I’m after. I have downloaded and tried several flatfile CMSs but have not found one that seems simple enough. One requires pages to be created locally and uploaded by FTP, which is not really user-friendly. Others require messy mod_rewrites.

I would even consider developing my own simple CMS but the tutorials I’ve found use deprecated code.

Any suggestions please?

Which were the ones you have tried? No need for others to suggest them to you.

I’ve not been very clever in keeping track of the ones I’ve tried and not had luck with (der!) but they include Pico, Kirby, Monstra, RazorCMS, LotusCMS, SimpleCMS.

The best flat file CMS by a mile (IMHO) is Statamic. I recommend you check it out.

Indeed Statamic is well worth a look, as well as Perch

Thanks guys. I’ll take a look at them both.

I quite like textpattern. I’m looking for one myself as well and decided against wordpress because of the bloat, but this one seems quite fast and lean.

Thanks. That’s one I’ve not come across. I’m also looking at la.plume which looks promising.