Leightweight Blogging Software, Flat-File and SEO Optimised but Free?

Am looking to add a blog / news facility to my website using a free / open source product. My current hosting plan doesn’t allow for DB access, so must be flat-file.

Prefer a lightweight solution and not too feature rich. With built-in SEO optimisation and a WYSIWYG form to create the post (for novice contributors) similar to WordPress. Will be quite a few embedded images in the posts. Would even consider static page generators if applicable.

Was thinking of “GRAV”, “PICO” and “PivotX”, any other suggestions?

My HTAccess complexity is limited to mod_rewrites only on FastHosts.



If you need a super lightweight and feature less CMS that meets your conditions, I stumbled on this one: https://github.com/robiso/wondercms

Grav and Pico both seems good. :slight_smile:

Imho, a built-in SEO optimisation is of little use and I don’t think a lightweight cms would have it anyway.

The limited htaccess you can add would be enough for all of them. The host should already have security settings.

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