Best, Cheap Hosting site?

I can’t find any hosting site reviews online, but right now, I’m leaning towards the baby plan on Host Gator…

I want a really cheap hosting site that (preferably) offers me unlimited bandwidth and storage space.


Are you looking for a US host?

Just host are worth a try.

Hostgator is your best choice i have a couple of websites with them anf a reseller there the only company i will pay annualy for. Just becouse of there support best ive seen in a webhost highly recommened

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Just host are worth a try.

Surprisingly enough for an EIG owned host, I didn’t have an entirely bad experience with them either, in the year I gave them a try.

I’m leaning towards the baby plan on Host Gator…

I want a really cheap hosting site that (preferably) offers me unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

I’ve been using their hosting for a long while now, and the uptime and performance have always been very good.

Keep in mind though that with any host, “unlimited” does not mean infinite. If your usage puts too much strain on the server (CPU usage, memory etc.), the host will ask you to solve the situation. Your account may be suspended, and the host may outright demand that you upgrade to a more expensive hosting solution (usually a VPS, at $40+). Usually, a $40 VPS is not a solution for you (if your sites’ usage is high, it won’t cope), but it is a solution for them, since you’re more or less isolated from other customers on the same server.

Sorry. I forgot about this thread.

Yes, I’m looking for a US host. I don’t imagine my site getting tons of traffic…not enough to justify getting kicked off. (Obviously, this would be really nice :slight_smile: )

From the research I’ve done, Host Gator is pretty good…do you guys confirm this?


Well, I think Host Gator is good option but this is not enough I would like to suggest you to compare Host Gator to other hosting providers, you can search in google or other search engine. There you will know more about hosting reviews of all top rated hosting providers, if you have no idea how search in google then you can search like best hosting companies, top 10 hosting companies etc.

I would like to suggest you to compare Host Gator to other hosting providers

The idea in itself, has merit. However, using the “top hosts” sites out there is, generally, a waste of time, or even a dangerous undertaking, as the rankings are, almost every time, complete bogus. They’re little more than lists of affiliate links optimized for maximum revenue generation.

What hosts do you use?


I wouldn’t use any directory sites for finding my host. It is always important to remember that unlimited does not mean infinite. It can be a word play as to what you are really being offered. If you are going with a reputable company that has been around for a good while then you are usually safe to go ahead and sign up for an annual plan. It offers you additional saving. Also, consider if the company you decide to host with offers a money back guarantee. Live chat and 24/7 technical support is also a very important consideration.

Right now, only Hostgator shared hosting – if the question was addressed to me. I’ve used a number of other hosts over time, but not because HG was not fitting my needs. At one point I was using a Liquidweb VPS too, as I needed some things that I thought not to be all that common in shared hosting. I also needed to get even closer to 100% uptime, which, aside from some automatic Apache restarts (it was memory starved) that didn’t really translate into noticeable downtime, I did get.

My previous post has to do with the fact that after trying some 12 hosts (out of the maybe 25-30 that typically get listed in the “top hosts” sites), I could only say that I was satisfied by 3, and impressed by 2, uptime and server performance wise, HG being among them. So, in my experience, most of the “top hosts” suck, but continue to get listed as top anyway, because of the high affiliate commissions that they pay.

They aren’t cheap, but I recommend them highly, and you’ll find that a lot of other Web design / development industry luminaries also use them to host their sites on - I am speaking of none other than [(mt) Media Temple. And of course the plan for you would be the URL=“” Grid-Service]( plan.

Host Gator are also a good Web host, but at the time when I was with them, a few years ago, they seemed to have trouble keeping my site online. Their online and phone support wasn’t great either.

Huh. Media Temple seems very hq, but I don’t have 20 bucks to shell out every month (for web hosting). Do I have 20 bucks? Yeah. Do I need the service that they give? No. I don’t have 100 domains to host, etc.

I imagine it would be a good idea to host many sites on there, for various clients. Is this advisable? That is, could I host client A’s site there, and then, when client B comes along, add his/her domain to the server?


Oh, it is HQ :smiley: I love (mt). But true, $20 a month for a Web hosting service you really don’t need at the minute is a bit much. It depends on what you’re planning to host though. If you want it to be very reliable, safe, and fast, among other things, then you want to get a HQ host like (mt) or Rack Space. You don’t need to have 100 domains that need hosting to get a (mt) plan. But I know what you mean.

Yes, that’s advisable and is very well possible to do. I currently host 18 Websites on my (mt) Grid-Service Web hosting plan, with more sites coming this year. It can handle a lot.

Great. Thanks a lot for the input.

(I think I’ll go with Host Gator)

I know I’ll probably take a lot of flack for this, but cheap can’t beat free. If your requirements aren’t too high you can get a free account with awardspace. I used their free service for a long time before I could afford hosting and found the overall experience to be quite good. And BTW, all companies offer UNLIMITED but it is simply not true. They will find a way to get rid of you if you came anywhere close to those limitations.

I found a good cheap webhoster through a review.
You can also have more than 10 domain names for your site. Only costs a few dollars per year.
Service probably sucks (as with these cheap hosts) but I never needed it before.

That is true. Unlimited is a huge gimmick for marketing. Unmetered is more realistic under the right conditions. I actually would recommend NOT going for free hosting as you will be encountering major stability issues.

Yeah. Free hosting never crossed my mind.


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